Who is Q ? part 1

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Who is @Q? (Part One: Those Wacky Anons)
Society's most dangerous bogeyman may have returned on Truth Social. Why isn't the media warning us?

Chris Paul
Apr 3

Part One: Those Wacky QAnons

Since the infamous “Q” first posted on an anonymous and uncensored message board on October 28th, 2017, in the weeks following the still-unexplained Las Vegas Massacre, the media has been covering the ‘Q’ information phenomenon, or at least that’s what they purport to be doing.

The Vegas massacre, we’re told, was the deadliest mass shooting in US history. It was a media story for a few days, but apparently not worth more interest than the propagandizing of a suitable patsy and a ‘ban on bump stocks’. “QAnon”, on the other hand has warranted thousands of articles and near daily coverage by mainstream outlets despite not being a real thing.

We all know of the very dangerous “QAnon”, the disparate and unorganized group of various -ists and -phobes who cause all the problems in America today. They are in a cult, as the story goes, whose central tenet is that they believe the completely absurd claim that the world is run by a group of corrupt and compromised, wealthy and well-connected people who sit somewhere above the law while anyone who doesn’t constantly pledge to advance their cause is systematically destroyed. It’s such a ridiculous idea - not only isn’t it happening, it cannot happen.

In the QAnon’s anger toward their betters, their bitterness, and their bigotry, these dupes believe these corrupt leaders possess an infinite capacity for evil. Loonier yet, these supposedly evil and corrupt leaders carry out these crimes against humanity while convincing the world they are actually doing good. They play this trick so well that a society replicates the trick, ever able to rationalize evil, no matter how heinous or pernicious, in society first, and then in their personal lives. How many lies, in a given day, do people convince themselves are true? You’d have to be crazy to think the world works this way, and those unhinged QAnons really believe it!

The pursuit of wealth, power, and social status above all else is the root of all evil. The world’s wealthiest, most powerful, and most high-status people and organizations pursue these goals relentlessly, at the expense of entire countries. They do it in coordinated fashion to achieve one common goal – global domination under their control. One evil force that convinces humans to submit to its power by enticing them with possessions, control, and fame. Does that sound like Satan? Does it sound like Satan-ism? I’m not a religious scholar, so I don’t know, but I guess that’s what those wacky QAnons believe.

The corrupt, evil, Satanists (according to QAnons) are involved in crimes against humanity so abhorrent that one would never believe them possible, if one were not to witness these crimes for themselves. QAnons accuse the corrupt leaders of acts so truly evil that such crimes could never be carried out by anyone, therefore they are impossible and do not happen.

Terrorism, biological warfare, psychological warfare, drug trafficking, human trafficking, child sex trafficking, spying, tracking, modern slavery, active concentration camps, intentional medical malpractice, mass censorship and propaganda, false flags, wars of choice and convenience, child torture and sexual abuse, ritual worship of the material world, the reimagining of the Elite self as a God of this realm, and the quest for immortality.

These things are not real.

Crazy, right? None of these things happen. They never have. Never in history.
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  • Posted by $ 3 months, 1 week ago
    The media has done truly admirable work by finding the influence of QAnon in everything that’s destroying our democracy, and thank goodness. It’s good to know who the bad people are. It turns out, a bunch of mostly middle-class and working-class people all across the world are responsible for how bad everything is. They have virtually no power whatsoever to implement their radical ideas, but they make it more difficult for the smart, powerful, virtuous people to fix everything with their newer, better ideas. QAnons ruin everything!

    If the QAnons would just shut up, George Soros, Bill Gates, Anthony Fauci, Barack Obama, the Chinese Communist Party, and the Rockefeller Foundation would fix everything for us! After two years of Netflix and UberEats, the world needs a Reset, and it might as well be Great! Luckily, the world’s most powerful people, entities, and governments are partners of the World Economic Forum, so it’s easy for them to coordinate their activities and get on the same page before it’s too late to save us.
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