World Economic Forum ad posted in German suggests acquiescence, possible commitment to global kill-off

Posted by bubah1mau 4 months ago to Science
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(Try to overlook the lousy editing job in the article's headline. Not only is "flexes" misspelled, but the object (chops) doesn't match the verb (flex). The editor, if there was one, should have opted for "licks its ... chops" or "shows its ... fangs.")

Interesting that the "family-shaming" ad appeared in German language and depicts a white mom--not in Swahili depicting a black mom. Apparently WEF sees more Germanic people as the threat versus more Africans even when it's actually Africa that is experiencing the overpopulation problem. I haven't seen many German migrants heading to Africa, whereas there are daily reports of Africans trying to reach Germany, Italy, Greece, or some other European nation (even Poland via Ukraine).

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  • Posted by Aeronca 4 months ago
    I hear people say this all the time. Differing numbers. Some say 2 billion. How much more compassionate.

    Maybe future mandated vaccines will sterilize men and/or women.

    Whites will be exterminated and enslaved, blacks will be just exterminated. I think that's what Satan Klaus has in his slay for us.
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