Old schools New - How a Swedish sub beat the US Navy

Posted by $ blarman 4 months ago to Science
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Amazing that an internal combustion engine from the early 1800's defeats modern engines using nuclear power.

(Rant: I work in technology and it drives me crazy how development tooling - especially anything Microsoft - is constantly changing. Several of my team - including my boss - have bought into what I call "blinking blue light psychosis": basically the premise that anything newer is better. Drives me nuts.)

SOURCE URL: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=saCdvAp5cow

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  • Posted by freedomforall 4 months ago
    Thanks for posting this very interesting video.
    I agree completely with you regarding new tech.
    I just upgraded My pc from 12 year old hardware to 6 year old hardware.
    Net gain is 15C cooler cpu operation under heavy load and about 100%
    performance improvement on a few heavy load tasks. Virtually no noticeable
    improvement on daily use though it may use less power.
    It was arguably worth the $300 for the mostly used upgrade parts.
    Buying new would have taken more than $1,000 more with no real additional performance.
    The old parts are my backup system.
    This weekend I hope to install a Linux OS to mostly replace Windows
    (and to run a virtual machine for what it doesn't replace.)
    I have not upgraded from Windows 7 and see no reason to do so.
    If I ran an IT Department, I'd probably have tried to switch them all to Linux already
    (and probably accepted failure to convince management of the wisdom of that change.)
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  • Posted by $ Dobrien 4 months ago
    The very basic piston that has multiples of ways to increase efficiency at a fraction of the cost. This Would allow US to have a very large fleet and still save lots of money. No wonder we don’t do it.
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