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So, my brother loaned me a dvd of the first movie based on the book 1984. The second movie, with John Hurt, was fantastic. Very hard to watch, though. I actually had to skip some of the scenes from "Room 101". As I watch this old version of the movie by the fire tonight I am also perusing the news headlines. Looking at headlines and watching this movie...Um, I'd suggest you not do that. Maybe avoid any news for a month or two before reading the book or watching one of the movies from it. The old movie was beautifully acted. In the later version John Hurt was amazing. In this older version the ending of the movie is so sad. Julia and Winston are just shells...the actors look so aged post torture. This movie reminds me of my studies of Pol Pot and Khmer Rouge - don't show emotion, don't fall in love, etc.

There are times in my life when I wonder...What if I wasn't woken up several years ago when I started ignoring the idiot box and started reading? Life would be simpler. Would it be more enjoyable? Not sure of that. I was listening to Bill Burr's comments about the proles going to sporting events and how they look. Their "clothes hanging off their asses", how they stuff their faces with all kinds of junk food, and how in the middle of a ball game they have things like "stand up to cancer". You can see this dichotomy occurring in western society. There are those who know, and a bunch of idiots. Not much in between...

There's my deep thought to end the weekend...
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  • Posted by $ Commander 2 weeks ago
    I was taken aback an hour ago. Just went to get a few reams of printer paper.
    This amicable young lady, early 20s, asked during checkout: "Would you like to donate up to the next dollar for minority owned businesses?" I asked if her manager required (emphasis) her to ask this: "Yes".
    I then asked if she understood that this violated the intent of the 1964 Civil Rights Act, in that expressing a distinction between people on basis of race was inappropriate: "No".

    Oh the subtlety of the programming...........
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