Behold All Ye To Bow Before Our Infallible Pope Of Science

Posted by $ allosaur 8 months, 1 week ago to Humor
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Verily, verily for lo it hath come to pass unto us that our ever so humble and harmless Wuhan labs pandemic and beagle sand flea torture funding Dr. Fauci has now declared himself to be our Pope Of Science!!!
And behold brothers and sisters that He Who Art Knows All And Sees All now wears a woopsie doopsie funny hat to prove it. For lo doth his holy hat pointeth up unto all on high that flies in the sky. O yea, yea, yep.
And yea, yea, yep, ye all art instructed to click onto the link, read Pope Fauci's Scripture and bow unto Him Who Art As Infallible As All The Natural Laws Of Science. For knoweth all that Pope Fauci IS Science Incarnate.
In other news, Rand Paul is declared Heretic and shall be burned at the stake on TV. That also goes for Ted Cruz, who looks less Texan for resembling Dracula's kid brother.

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