AOC Lays Wreath At Her Own Grave On Jan. 6

Posted by $ allosaur 2 weeks, 3 days ago to Humor
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U.S. "Representative" Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez visited Woodlawn Cemetery in the Bronx yesterday morning to grieve at her grave on the 1-year anniversary of her death as paid mourners shrieked their lamentations.
She was also seen weeping and tearing at her clothes by the photo crew she brought with her.
Viciously killed by racist Trump supporters a year to yesterday, AOC left a wreath where her savagely ripped-apart body was lad to rest.
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SOURCE URL: https://babylonbee.com/news/aoc-seen-weeping-over-her-grave-on-january-6th

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  • Posted by coaldigger 2 weeks ago
    Jan. 6 should be seen as a fair warning that the deplorables are not going to be silent forever. I know that we revere the founders with their philosophy learned at W&M and Princeton, with their powdered wigs and flamboyant rhetoric but the grubby, half starved, ragged dirt farmers hiding behind trees picking off redcoats won this freedom and will die before they cede it to the elites.
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    • Posted by $ 2 weeks ago
      Those grubby dirt farmers had sense enough to first take aim at whichever red coat looked like the officer in charge.
      Cut the head off the snake. A concept that should be fully implemented, facilitated and utilized to this day.

      (Ha! Ha! Me dino just used three prestige jargon words that could almost always be found to varying extents in any Alabama Department of Corrections administrative memo when I was an officer at a prison for 21 years.
      Nevertheless, cutting heads off of snakes DOES strike me as a good idea).
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