Explaining the Bankster Cartel's Latest Gold Price Manipulation

Posted by freedomforall 6 months ago to Economics
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Banksters added the PAPER equivalent of 351 metric tons of gold to supply - from nothing, at no cost to banksters.

This is similar to adding a new pipeline supplying 10 million barrels of oil a day to US oil supply.
Supply goes up and price goes down.
All at Z-E-R-O cost to the bankster cartel who reaps billions in profits from their bets that prices will decline - profits guaranteed by their own unethical actions.

"In short, during periods of "speculator" demand for COMEX gold exposure, the market-making Bullion Banks create new contracts in order to dilute the overall supply and mitigate the price rise that basic economics predicts would follow from increasing demand. As soon as that speculator demand is exhausted, The Banks utilize any price weakness to exacerbate the selloff and panic those very same speculators into selling. As speculators sell, The Banks buy back and cover their ill-gotten shorts, total open interest declines and the entire process is reversed.

In this most recent event, the price of Comex gold rose $115 or 6.5% over the two week period of November 3-17, 2021. To dilute this spike in speculator demand, The Banks created and added 112,799 Comex gold contracts to the available open interest. This amounts to 11,279,900 digital/pretend ounces or about 351 METRIC TONNES!

Now that price has been managed lower over the past few days, open interest is receding and it has already fallen back by nearly 40,000 contracts as of Monday, November 22. Wash, rinse, repeat."
SOURCE URL: https://www.sprottmoney.com/blog/Another-COMEX-Gold-Price-Smash-Craig-Hemke-November-23-2021

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