Biden Announces Being Told He Will Run Again In 2024

Posted by $ allosaur 1 year, 6 months ago to Humor
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"I've been informed I will run again in 2024," Biden said to a large potted plant instead of the media who stood behind hm. "It is my duty to lead the country to a better future, or so they tell me."
Asked how he will manage to do that with tanking approval ratings, Biden stopped chewing on potted plant leaves and said he would let them know as soon as someone tells him the answer to that question.
The news conference abruptly ended as Dr. Jill appeared and led Our President Of These United States away by waving before his face what has become known as a "Biden Treat" by White House staff.
A Newsmax reporter claimed to have heard Dr. Jill bark, "Sit, boy, sit!" down the hall but mainstream media denounced that as a racist lie.

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