Latest VAERS estimate: 388,000 Americans killed by the COVID vaccines?

Posted by freedomforall 1 month, 1 week ago to Science
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"Now, let’s see what that means.

As of Dec 14, 2021, there are 9,136 deaths reported into VAERS for domestic deaths (if you are using OpenVAERS, flip the switch at the top to see the US only deaths). If we subtract out more than twice the total number of deaths reported in any previous year (to be super conservative about estimating background deaths):

So our new best estimate of the number of “excess deaths” caused by the vaccine is 388,000. Because there isn’t a plausible mechanism of excess death other than the vaccine (certainly our “always vigilant” CDC has never suggested an alternate cause), the process of elimination leads us to conclude the obvious: that these excess deaths were, in fact, caused by the vaccine.

This should really be a surprise to anyone paying attention to the clinical trials.

For example, in the Pfizer trial, you were much more likely to die if you got the vaccine than if you got the placebo. They simply forgot to mention that in the abstract of the paper (and they were incapable of accurately counting the number of deaths in each group as well). In short, the vaccine is a killing machine.

As the clinical trial showed, it was more likely to kill you than to save you. America still refuses to actually acknowledge that fact."

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  • Posted by Lucky 1 month, 1 week ago
    I was going to say- Very Good, but this would apply only to ffa finding the link.

    '.. the vaccine is a killing machine. '
    '.. more likely to kill you than to save you'.
    'Over a 60 times increase in pro sports adverse events since the vaccines rolled out'

    Caution. VAERS data is US only. Take care if using the sports and athletics data, it is not limited to US adverse events.

    Comment. Professor John Ioannidis who did not accept the early under-reporting figure is one of the greats in the field. I wonder if he has commented on the new figure from better data.
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