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  • Posted by Lucky 1 month, 2 weeks ago
    This post and the previous one from FFA cover the same ground but the topic is that important it deserves the coverage.
    Many comments on the Joanne Nova site are worth reading.

    So you can be up to your ears in policies, procedures, codes of ethics .. ..
    in businesses, agencies, departments,
    but an amount of money roundly $100,000 swamps all that.
    $100,000 per patient.

    The pathetic excuses from that hospital when it refused to give ivermectin to Grandpa Ho are stuck in my mind:
    -against our policies
    -there may be side effects
    -a court ruling would be judicial over-reach.

    All is now clear.
    A Just Remedy? Somewhere in the range from hanging to firing squad.
    To setup such a system is an overthrow of all that a government stands for - I include libertarianism, socialism, democratic, welfare state and all the other views.
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  • Posted by $ gharkness 1 month, 2 weeks ago
    Get your own Ivermectin, folks! You can easily pick some up, though it will take 3-4 weeks, at (In case anyone wonders, I have no affiliation).

    That's where I got mine. I was nervous about it, but all went well. The site is in Canada, the payment went to somewhere in France, and the package arrived from India. They don't take credit cards but ACH from your bank account, and while the money was authorized, the payment was not made until the product shipped. The ACH made me nervous but it's been 2 months and NOTHING bad has happened to my bank account.

    Anyway, if you really want to be safe, do not ever allow the government and all its minions to even know you ever got sick. BE PREPARED!!
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  • Posted by $ Abaco 1 month, 2 weeks ago
    The American people are finally getting the system they have allowed, that they deserve. Forced treatments of unapproved, experimental pharmaceuticals. Bounty payments to hospitals if death occurs and is listed as covid. Lowering life expectancy. Facilities at risk of being overcrowded since "healthcare is a right" (even though you and I still have to pay for it). For years there's been more and more of "insurance" companies stiffing doctors with increasingly complex and convoluted reimbursement codes that nobody can figure out (OOPS! Too late. You didn't guess right and now we don't have to reimburse!) I do wonder when/if we'll see camps like they've set up in Australia.

    Maybe I'm off the mark. But...Do you remember Reverend Wright's speech ending in, "America's chickens are coming home to roost." ? I sure do. That pops in my head all the time now. He might not have meant this...But I think he may have.
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    • Posted by 1 month, 2 weeks ago
      Rev. Wright is incorrect.
      He claims in his speech that 'we' did a lot of things and the fact is that 'we' did none of them.
      This is a typical leftist lie.
      Blaming innocent people for what was done 200+ years ago is propaganda and rubbish.
      Blaming innocent people for acts done by looting scum who became powerful via lies and subversiveness is propaganda and rubbish.
      'We' did not do any of the things that Wright claimed.
      One thing I can agree with, however, is that for those did do these things,
      the evil that they DID do will be avenged on them by 'we' the honest, innocent,
      ethical people who have long been deceived.
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      • Posted by $ Dobrien 1 month, 2 weeks ago
        Bravo Freedomforall exactly correct.Wright is a tool used to divide. He spews nonsense to rile up peoples emotions. His goal to divide is masked by a false victim mentality. Leftists love masks so do the deletes. Masks remove identity or your individualism . The opposite of Collectivism. I can’t help but think about the “masks” and how it will impact the kids. The first step to totalitarian rule is compliance. Wearing a mask is compliance . The delete leftists use propaganda to mask their true intent. We know the “playbook” Rand told us 65 yrs ago and Q told us 4 yrs ago.

        The truth is right in front of you.
        Past PLAYBOOK used today?
        Knowledge is power.

        What advantages might exist when you know the other sides PLAYBOOK?
        Enjoy the show!
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  • Posted by term2 1 month, 2 weeks ago
    hospitals in the usa are controlled by the government, just as banks are controlled by the government.
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    • Posted by CaptainKirk 1 month, 2 weeks ago
      The richest people in the world, control the Government. BlackRock, Vanguar, Rothschilds they own EVERYTHING, including the politicians and the bankers.

      The politicians are just boot licking scum, TRAINED to beg for their Silver, like the Judas's that they are. Selling out our country and putting us in debt so that THEY and their children profit (Romney, Biden, McCain, Cuomo, all of them, both sides).

      Hospitals are controlled by the govt, which is GETTING PAID by big Pharma to push this shit!

      That's why EVERY DECISIONS Benefits Big Pharma, and NOT the patient. think about that.

      Meanwhile, Ignore Japan, India, and Mexico, who have ALL USED IVM to STOP covid in it's tracks!
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  • Posted by $ Thoritsu 1 month, 2 weeks ago
    More proof that Capitalism works, and the totalitarians clearly understand and employ the incentives!

    Unfortunately most don't understand the infinite fiscal power of the government (enabled by the 16th Amendment et al), and the impact it will have on individual freedom.
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  • Posted by $ Ben_C 1 month, 2 weeks ago
    My MD friends the same age as I refuse to submit to the bureaucracy. We have no use for the FDA. One of the reasons totalitarian medicine exists is that today's MD's grew up in the public indoctrination schools. "Big government good. It will protect and take care of you." Only when today's MD's realize they are only pawns to Big Pharma will the revolution begin.
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