21st Century Feudalism: Net-Zero Policies: Taking From The Poor And Giving To The Rich. Forcing the Middle Class Into Serfdom

Posted by freedomforall 2 weeks, 3 days ago to Politics
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"It is too often overlooked in all the discussions about the “transition” to a net-zero emissions economy that the most consequential transition is that from democratic capitalism to feudal serfdom.

This is the conclusion of American demographer and “blue-collar Democrat” Joel Kotkin, who has highlighted that the supposedly well-intentioned green policies being adopted across the West come at enormous expense to the working- and middle-classes.

As Kotkin wrote in ‘Spiked’ earlier this year, “extreme climate measures have driven the loss of traditional blue-collar jobs in manufacturing, construction and energy, while other environmental regulations have boosted housing prices.”

Kotkin’s thesis is that the West is on the road to serfdom. Rather than maintaining our capitalist societies where a large, asset-owning middle-class underpin a stable democratic system, we are becoming stratified feudal societies.

Home and small business ownership are declining, especially among the young and the less well-off, a group of technocratic elites are establishing themselves as permanent rulers in the apparatus of the administrative state, and corporate oligarchs are coming to dominate both the economy and broader society."
SOURCE URL: https://www.zerohedge.com/geopolitical/net-zero-policies-taking-poor-and-giving-rich

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  • Posted by Vlad_ben_Avorham 2 weeks, 2 days ago
    Technologically, we are in a place, or so damn close, that their "post scarcity" society that they are constantly talking about, is almost possible. Don't get me wrong, there will still be haves and have nots, but if they were but willing to truly unleash it, real poverty, could be a thing of the past, and not even requiring a crazy socialist system to do it. Food, water, and housing, hell for that matter, even basic education and medical care, could be provided as thoughtlessly as a public drinking fountain.

    I do mean that, with that little cost. A little up front infrastructure, and such negligible maintenance as to be an afterthought to any private charity. It will never be allowed to happen. I believe that those with power fear that the day the bulk of the people aren't actively engaged in the quest for survival. They will begin to question why they need to be ruled over. Once the continual distraction of providing for the daily needs is removed, then the bigger questions start to get asked.

    These are questions, that the Elites do not have answers that the masses will accept. As such, it is far better to keep the masses distracted and busy, at least until such time as they are absolutely certain they can keep up their standard of living without us. At which point we become surplus to needs... I will let you decide what the world looks like at that point. A point I am concerned, if we have not already reached, we are FAST approaching.
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  • Posted by mhubb 2 weeks, 3 days ago
    and i wonder why fusion tech is not advancing
    could it be part of the conspiracy for some to keep power over the rest of us?

    cheap energy means Liberty and Freedom
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  • Posted by VetteGuy 2 weeks, 3 days ago
    I started in nuclear power in 1976. Even then it was obvious that "too cheap to meter" was never going to be allowed. The fear mongers (the same types are now on-board with lockdowns, masking, mandatory vaccines) have over-regulated nuclear power into non-competitiveness.

    You would think the global-warming, electric-car crowd would be clamoring for nuke plants. But that level of fear, once instilled in the feel-instead-of-think crowd, is hard to dispell.
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