Book Review: In Trump Time: A Journal of America's Plague Year. "Peter Navarro is Anthony Fauci's worst nightmare"

Posted by freedomforall 2 years, 4 months ago to Books
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"Navarro asserts that Fauci was responsible for the Wuhan lab production of COVID-19, but the lying Fauci doesn't get off with just that impressive act of malfeasance. Navarro accuses Fauci of withholding information early, when he knew the nature of the Wuhan lab bioweapons project, financed by his agency by means of a middleman.

Navarro first saw Fauci in the Situation Room on Jan. 27, 2020. Soon they were in a heated argument over whether to ban travel to and from China. Days earlier, Fauci had said the Wuhan virus was "a very, very low risk." In the Situation Room, he "echoed that sentiment."

"I've studied travel restrictions many, many times and [they] don't work," said Fauci.

In the end, Navarro prevailed to our benefit as Americans. Trump imposed the travel ban on Jan. 31, and Australia and New Zealand followed suit. The tale of 2020 is a repeating story of Fauci malfeasance, and Navarro reports the details.

Navarro's book is an insider's tale, with all sorts of goodies for political junkies. Navarro is not shy about exposing jerks, incompetents, weaklings, and betrayers on both sides of the aisle and in and out of the White House. I found his story entertaining and enlightening — he revealed people I previously thought well of as deceitful dissemblers.

Read the book to learn more about Fauci and the treachery of the Deep State. "

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