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I am "tagging" some friends, and potential friends, to ask if they might try my new novel, "Retaking College Hill.”

Published September 30, for a few days it became the Amazon #1 bestseller in political fiction--a category with thousands of books.
It did not sustain that momentum, but the 25 reviews on Amazon, to date, include 23 rating it 5 stars and 2 rating it 4 stars.

I am asking now if you will help me keep up the momentum so that this book can come to the attention of parents, faculty members, students, administrators, and, of course "the media." I hope you will consider helping.

Here is why I think that is important:

On the campuses of American colleges and universities today, a catastrophe for our country is unfolding.

It was Manhattan Institute senior scholar, Heather Mac Donald [sic] who awakened me fully, and fully informed me, with her book "The Diversity Delusion: How Race and Sex Pandering is Compromising Our Universities and Undermining Our Culture."

•Race-based admissions quotas to admit African-Americans instead of Jews and Asian-Americans with much stronger academic achievements and potential. The argument is that "racial diversity" trumps all other considerations.

•The myth of the "rape" culture insisted upon by the government, influenced by left "feminism," that pressures colleges to get their "rape numbers up." Essentially, men now are responsible for policing sexual relations; women are nothing more than victims.

•The sweeping aside of the curriculum--based upon achievements, knowledge, and insights that are the heritage of Western civilization--for race-based, ethnic-based, "gender"-based, disability-based courses and majors.

•The resorting today to intimidation and violence to crush dissident professors and to "cancel" campus speakers who are not politically correct.

In the years immediately ahead, hundreds of thousands of graduates of this education will occupy positions of influence in our culture. Yes, things can get MUCH worse

I wrote "Retaking College Hill," drawing on the techniques of great thrillers, to excite and inspire readers about what America faces--and, yes, what we can do about it.

You can buy the novel (Amazon, $4.99) and enjoy the characters, the conflicts, the suspense, the ideas, the romance.

And in doing so, you will help this novel to break through to a wider public so that its ideas cannot be ignored by the neo-Marxists, postmodernists, and mavens of the politically correct who now would dominate our culture.

Here is a quote from one review published in the blog, "The Jolly Libertarian."

“Damian, allied with his father, Konrad Kossak, venerable philosophy professor Bill Dyson, dissident scholar Isabel Fairfield, university trustee Abigail Powers (scion of the family that founded the university), and [Navy SEAL]…Jules Knight…struggle throughout the book to rescue the university from these dark forces.
“Retaking College Hill is a good read. It's packed with action and intrigue, spy games and political violence, plotting and revenge. It is full of heroics and taking courageous stands against the mainstream of society. “
SOURCE URL: https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B09BYHW5XC/ref=dbs_a_def_rwt_bibl_vppi_i0

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