Obama and his CIA Family Connection—Ann Dunham

Posted by $ Dobrien 1 month ago to History
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Obama’s record as president should not have been surprising given his family background.

His mother, Ann Dunham, worked for U.S. government agencies and allied NGOs—the Ford Foundation, Asia Foundation, Development Alternatives Inc., and United States Agency for International Development (USAID)—in Indonesia in the 1960s and 1970s as well as Ghana, Nepal, Bangladesh, Pakistan, India, and Thailand.

Ann had training in the Russian language which, with everything combined, made her a “CIA recruiter’s wet dream
SOURCE URL: https://covertactionmagazine.com/2021/10/01/a-company-family-the-untold-history-of-obama-and-the-cia/

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  • Posted by 25n56il4 1 month ago
    So, why isn't the background of someone running for President checked for crap like this? Get the facts, publish them, and throw the imposter out before he can get elected! He wasn't eligible in the first place. Too much baggage. Community organizer, my foot!
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    • Posted by mccannon01 1 month ago
      Now, why would the MSMM (Main Stream Marxist Media) vet one of their own and miss out on the opportunity for having the first president of color (fulfilling the identity politics narrative) that hated Free America as much as they do and wanted to convert the country to a socialist/communist paradise? Anyone who pointed out anything negative about him was crucified as a liar and a racist - facts didn't matter. Looking at the fact his appointment of an Islamic Communist to be head of the CIA tells us a lot of what his "CIA connections" really meant.
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    • Posted by $ 1 month ago
      That is the big lie N. The media does not engage in journalism. Instead they practice urinalism.
      The deep state C_A the eye left out on purpose.
      They control the media and have many agents as reporters. Look it up.
      It’s called Operation Mockingbird
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  • Posted by 25n56il4 1 month ago
    I didn't vote for him. But, I did decide to give him an opportunity to prove himself. When he bent over and kissed that Saudi's ring, I knew it was all over. He was paying homage to his leader. He was never our President.
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    • Posted by $ allosaur 1 month ago
      At least you caught on really early during that first go-round called "The Apology Tour."
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      • Posted by AmericanWoman 1 month ago
        If you remember, it was back in the waning days of the 2008 presidential election in Columbia, Missouri when then Senator and presidential candidate Barack Obama made a defining assertion: “We are five days away from fundamentally transforming the United States of America.” What I found interesting was that no one said, “Time out on the court coach. Had to check but this was what Allen West spoke...thought it was long before that "rug" tour!
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  • Posted by Lucky 1 month ago
    Phew! That really fills in some gaps, at least for me relying on the usual stuff we get. Yes The Blank was a lightweight as an intellectual nor was a starry eyed idealist, just another opportunist who had good contacts. Good contacts not just political but DeepState.
    Ah, he speaks well if given a good speechwriter and teleprompter.

    I do remember that coup in Indonesia, was it 1965? The death toll was 400,000. The story was there was a very large movement to take over the country in the Chinese Com manner. I have doubts about that as well, the size of the massacre suggests it was a lust for violence and wiping out of personal and commercial enemies and rivals, but I don't know.
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  • Posted by $ Stormi 1 month ago
    The FBI ignored warning from former classmates when he ran for office, that he operated under multiple Soc. Sec. numbers. They knew him when he worked in Hawaii as hooker to rich white men, such a ute snakeskin shorts outfit he word! British SS took DNA samples from glasses he drank from in Britain, and found he was not an Obama at all. His mom had hung out at Charles Marshall Davis' place around the time she became pregnant. Never would had done for CIA grandpa to have a duaghter preggie from a Russian porn writer. Obama was brought into country to sign paperwork, and paidm and went back to Africa..
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  • Posted by $ katrinam41 1 month ago
    Long before election day when f%#%*dem-mental change began, there were sources out there that had the information this country needed, but mmsobs blocked everything they found. Hubby and I shared all we could, ran into that wall of "racist" nonsense. We never had a problem with black. Our color problem was with Moscow red.
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