Not BB! For Real! Army To Begin Training Against "Freedom Fighters"

Posted by $ allosaur 4 months ago to News
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Our Puppet-In-Chief's Marxist handlers must really be afraid of We The People.
Not to mention the bulk of the Jackass Party's leadership, who cringe in the "ooo-wee Pearl Harbored" Capitol, some sniveling RINOs, our wonderful politicized Woke jokes for top generals and et als the Deep State.

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  • Posted by freedomforall 4 months ago
    (/s) I'm sure they are just preparing to return to Afghanistan (/s)
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    • Posted by $ 4 months ago
      Say that to BloodOnHisHands Biden, I'm almost willing to bet he'd just blink back and say, "Af-Af-Afganey-who? Is he a friend of Corn Pop?"
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      • Posted by freedomforall 4 months ago
        Just been binge watching tv show Seal Team.
        Over the course of the series, the team spent a lot of time in Afghanistan.
        They are not very critical of the military disaster there. Instead the dialog
        focuses on how the team has wasted their lives. While that is true, imo,
        the pathetic woke writers should be treated as enemy sympathizers.
        They waste air time tearing down the heroic characters when they have
        an ideal opportunity to destroy the parasitic military industrial complex.
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  • Posted by tutor_turtle 3 months, 3 weeks ago
    I live in an open carry state. When Panty-fah and Burn-Loot-Murder came to to cause Trouble in our small but urban shopping district they were met by literal wall of firepower.
    The Japanese would not invade this land for they proclaimed "there will be a gun behind every blade of grass".
    It is said there are two guns for every citizen. That is over one-half Billion guns. If the US Army ever turned on it's citizenry it will be a short, though bloody battle. Every law on the books prohibits the Army from assuming the role of domestic lawman. That would be a direct opposition to the Bill of Rights and the Constitution. They would themselves become Domestic Enemies of the Republic and fair game. Anyone who leaned their eight-grade civics lessons knows this to be fact.
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  • Posted by $ Ben_C 3 months, 4 weeks ago
    In Michigan 616,000 deer licenses were sold in 2020. That is a lot of weaponry. This is just one state. Can you imagine if enough deer hunters got pissed off enough the chaos that would result. Thank God for the Second Amendment.
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    • Posted by tutor_turtle 3 months, 3 weeks ago
      As all patriots know, the second amendment was never about hunting or personal protection. It was about keep a tyrannical government from taking over the will of We The People.
      Can you smell the fear? The Radical Left knows the end is coming. All those FEMA camps the Leftists been building for Patriots and the un-jabbed....they are going to find themselves on the wrong side of the concertina wire.
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    • Posted by $ blarman 3 months, 3 weeks ago
      Not to mention the fact that most military people are decent, patriotic Americans. Telling them to fire on their own countrymen would be tantamount to the generals issuing those orders to be killed on the spot.
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    • Posted by $ 3 months, 4 weeks ago
      Why the Marxist Democrats want to take on the gargantuan task of disarming us all.
      Then they can bully We The People just like Australians.
      IMO, me dino thinks that task is impossible~~even if it doesn't start a civil war.
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  • Posted by $ gharkness 3 months, 4 weeks ago
    I've always said, when asked, that of course our own military will not attack our citizens, even when things are not going well.

    I think I may have to admit being wrong (and naive) about that... that is the entire purpose of this "exercise." Get the military accustomed to firing on people who LOOK LIKE THEM.
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  • Posted by DrZarkov99 3 months, 4 weeks ago
    This is a "clickbait" story. There are Army special forces and Marines that have been training in the Carolinas for decades, and since most of the combat has been in hilly, forested terrain in pursuit of Al Qaeda, ISIS, and Taliban, the locale is a natural training ground.

    If things did actually reach a major crisis point, and armed insurrection looks like the only way to recover the republic, rest assured there would be a number of uniformed military on the side of the rebels, and the combat resulting would be quite different from what these troops are training for now. As the saying goes, "one man's freedom fighters are another man's terrorists," and these troops are training to fight the kind of indigenous guerilla forces they've been meeting for a couple of decades now.

    Trying to stir up conspiracy stories that get certain people agitated is just another way of attempting to draw out any possible government opponents. Want to be targeted as a "domestic enemy?" Get all frothed up and start talking about how a real insurrection is necessary. I think I'd rather keep things quiet and act out of anyone's attention, but then that's just me . . . right?
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  • Posted by Owlsrayne 3 months, 2 weeks ago
    The "Robin Sage" event is an exercise in futility. Historically "Guerilla Warfare" has always been a protracted engagement with a "No Win" scenario. If the military thinks it could win an engagement with what they consider country bumkins they haven't thought out this war game. If they want to go it correctly, they should hire civilians who are trained in firearms and know the landscape because they live there. Those military units would be soundly defeated or come to a stalemate.
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