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Yes, for the sheep (aka, morons) yet another attempt to strike fear in the serfs so they will finally consent to total enslavement.

"Doctors check the patient’s pulse for any signs of abnormality – as an indication of what might happen to the patient going forward. The pulse of another kind of patient – the weaponized hypochondriac – can be checked by scanning the headlines of the organized news.

This latter being a better – more descriptive – term for it than “mainstream” (which it isn’t; podcasters like Joe Rogan are more “mainstream” in terms of how many viewers he has than CNN) or “corporate” – which it is.

But that latter doesn’t convey the point quite as well as organized – which is how it works.

At every stage of this mass hysteria, there has been an organized push – as for example, in the initial stages, the organized hyperventilating about “cases.” Without any attempt made to convey context. The impression was deliberately fostered that a dread disease was spreading – by the organized relating of “cases,” practically on the half-hour.

Each “case” was treated as if the person had died – or soon would.

It was rarely – if ever – explained that most – almost all, as it turned out – of these “cases” were simply positives on a test of dubious accuracy and that most of those who tested positive did not die.

Or even become a case – medically speaking.

A majority only experienced mild to moderate symptoms and recovered, on their own, without ever being under a doctor’s care.

There was no organized effort to explain to people that in medical terms – the way doctors previously discussed and gauged such things – a case had always meant someone sick enough to require medical care. One did not have a “case” of the sniffles. One did have a case of Ebola.

This crucially important distinction – if the goal is to spread truth and thereby prevent unfounded mass hysteria – was suppressed in a very . . . organized manner.

Instead, there was an organized effort to spread hysteria – by endless, breathless “case” counts and the unspoken but clearly intended suggestion that every “case” was doomed to die.

Then came the organized – the lockstep – pushing of “masks,” to augment the incipient hysteria ginned up by the endless screeching about “the cases! the cases!” People were made to see sickness – or rather, hypochondriacal dread of it – via the “masking” of everyone they saw. Including themselves, in the mirror.

Every TeeVee, every radio station – and every online venue controlled by the same organization – spread the same “message.”

And then, having created a crisis – a solution was offered. Get the “vaccine” and you will be free again! And if you don’t get it, expect to never be free again.

Extremely organized.

And it almost worked."

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  • Posted by 1 month, 3 weeks ago
    Update (1145ET):

    Right now, it appears this is what they're going with: while a breakthrough infection has been documented, there's yet to be any proof that the variant causes "severe" breakthrough infections.

    In the first sign of a major turnaround, South African scientist Sanne has reportedly told the press that there's every indication that vaccines will continue to protect against "Nu", the COVID variant of the moment.

    (Yada Yada Yada.)

    Looks like an excuse for Wall Street to manipulate prices of stock shares and metals to the downside.
    I guess the insiders managed to go short during the light traded holiday week. Now time to lock in profits for looters.
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