White Smoke From Wuhan Lab Chimney Signals New Variant

Posted by $ allosaur 1 month, 2 weeks ago to Humor
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Cheers erupted from a gathering of masked pilgrims as white smoke spewed out from the chimney of Dr. Fauci's "Vatican" last Sunday morning.
"I am the power!" a giddy Dr. Fauci cheered on TV before he hurried off to the White House with reactionary lockdown instructions for our Puppet-In-Chief.
Now all y'all remember that resistance is futile. A compliant citizen is a happy citizen.
After the Wuhan celebration died down, all the happy pilgrims shuffled away. But don't worry, folks. They'll be back in just a few weeks for the next one.
SOURCE URL: https://babylonbee.com/news/white-smoke-emanates-from-wuhan-lab-chimney-signaling-a-new-variant-has-been-named

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