Sorry the Fedgov says, "No $4,500 Electric Car For You!" (Made in China by General Motors)

Posted by freedomforall 1 month, 2 weeks ago to Politics
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"If electric cars are so very necessary to prevent “climate change” – that imminently looming apocalypse – then why is the government that’s pushing them so hard refusing to allow the ones people could afford on the market?

In China, one can buy various electric cars for less than $10,000 – just as one can buy useful not-electric little trucks like the $9,000 Zhengtu pick-up truck made by GM’s Chinese subsidiary, Wuling, that Americans aren’t allowed to buy . . . in America.

How about an EV that costs about what three iPhones cost?

That would be the $4,500 Wuling Hongguang Mini. Also made by GM’s Wuling Chinese subsidiary.

It is the best-selling EV, in China "

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