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  • Posted by CircuitGuy 1 month ago
    I struggled to understand The Romantic Manifesto, but I found this very clear, with highlighted examples of the aspects of the Romantic novel.

    I like heroes to have some doubt and villains to have some reason to think their the good guys. That keeps it from being cartoonish. I don't remember if the text said Roark had self doubt, but I felt doubt for him when was working doing manual labor b/c his business failed b/c he refused to compromise his principles. I thought he might really die in obscurity; and Keating might stay famous. It was similar to when Dagny went AWOL up north in her cabin. Even if they didn't arrest her, if she stays up there thinking about opening a grocery store, she's going to get off her game and become a bitter lady. That didn't happen, but the peril felt real. I didn't feel like it was a Superman story.

    The article says there were clear heroes and villains. What about Gail Wynand? He was in a tragic purgatory between hero and villain.
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