Meet New White House Dog Karl Barx

Posted by $ allosaur 1 month ago to Humor
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"We are so happy to welcome Karl Barx into our happy, non-dysfunctional family, said First Lady DOCTOR Jill Biden, Esquire, as her doddering senile hubby showed their new fur baby how to chew on slippers. "Our new pup has really grown into his new name, demanding to control the distribution of the nation's dog food. Simply adorable. By the way, I'm a real doctor."
Hear that, comrades? DOCTOR Jill is a real DOCTOR! DOCTOR Jill is a real DOCTOR! DOCTOR Jill is a real DOCTOR!
And should you dare disagree, that makes you a racist.
Click the link to learn how Karl Marx leads a pack of vicious strays called the Pawletariat.
Anticipate it's future as a supplemental force destined to run with BLM and Antifa as they loot and burn down even black-owned businesses during peaceful demonstrations galore!

Speaking of supplementals, also read how the new White House dog is being professionally trained not to growl as touchy, feelly Joe pervs all over a child~~

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