We’re All “Drunks” Now . . .

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"The courts have decreed that the Fourth or Fifth Amendments do not apply when you are behind the wheel – or they might as well have. Because they have ruled you are obliged to stop whenever – and wherever – the government randomly sets up a “sobriety checkpoint,” at which you must prove your innocence without the least probable cause to suspect your guilt.

You are “drunk” unless the government goon manning the “checkpoint” decides you’re not.

If you refuse to prove yourself innocent – as by performing roadside acrobatics or “blowing” into a Breathalyzer – you can and usually will be arrested on the spot. In several states, even if it is later established that you had not been drinking anything alcoholic prior to your arrest, your refusal to prove your innocence at the checkpoint – by waiving your Fourth and Fifth Amendment rights – is often sufficient all by itself to convict you of “drunk” driving or some other thing with equivalent penalties.

Sentence first – verdict after!"


Is individual liberty dead in America?
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