Buffalo Hat Guy Wishes He Had Just Burned Down A Kenosha Car Dealership Instead

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Jacob Chansley aka the "QAnon Shaman" or "Buffalo Hat Guy" or "Chewbacca" has just been sentenced to 41 months in prison.
He has expressed regret that, instead of wearing a silly outfit and walking around in the Capitol on Jan. 6, he had done something more peaceful, such as burning down a car dealership in Kenosha,
Chansley considered other more peaceful options he should have done, such as looting a Nike store, beating a Trump supporter within an inch of his life or burning down an entire city block all for social justice.
He added that Kamala Harris would have bailed him out and a Democrat D.A. would have dropped all charges.
"I was so stupid," Chansley proclaimed.
And maybe he was, since many Democrats are opining that Buffalo Hat Guy is not being punished and even tortured enough.
SOURCE URL: https://babylonbee.com/news/buffalo-guy-wishing-he-had-just-burned-down-a-car-dealership-instead

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