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  • Posted by $ Dobrien 1 month ago
    Medical tyranny! I have been saying this from the start. Mask wearers have reduced oxygen levels and can not think clearly, well they maybe couldn’t before masks either. Thanks James O’Keefe with project veritas
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  • Posted by $ Abaco 1 month ago
    This is the kind of thing I've been talking about for 16 years. I thought the worm would turn when they started mandating this on adults. And, I was right. I've seen kids screwed up by many of them. I presented data I had 14 years ago to the NIH, in a public hearing. And...they weren't having any of it. Now they've got their hands full. This, my friends, is going to get ugly. I think you're going to see people pulled out in the streets and beaten over this kind of stuff. The machine can't back down now. They're going to double-down on this and it is going to get ugly. The Dems in charge simply can't admit any sort of guilt. They're not capable.
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  • Posted by $ blarman 1 month ago
    My wife's high school friend died of a blood clot after getting the jab. 40-yr-old mother of two.

    My father-in-law's friend died two days after getting the jab. He worked Search and Rescue.

    My sister-in-law nearly died after getting the jab. She had to have 11 lbs of fluid (nearly 10% of her body weight) pumped out of her abdomen due to a severe adverse reaction.

    As far as I know, none of these were reported to the VAERS system.

    PS. I only know of one family member of a friend who has died with COVID. He was an elderly man with other conditions.
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  • Posted by IngridMaria 1 month ago
    I had Moderna both shots and plan to get the booster. Having been raised in Shanghai during WWII and being in the Japanese camps we go shots once a month to avoid any epidemics and they were successful. I have never had the flu but decided to get the shot 5 years and no worse for wear.
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  • Posted by montini 1 month ago
    Go checkout Dr Janci Lindsay. She is a 30 year toxicology scientist and is speaking out repeatedly about the vaccine. You can google her name to find some things. She is also on Instagram. "They" are trying to silence her. I attended a seminar with her this past weekend and what she had to say about this vaccine is very scary. Take a look at this on Twiitter if you can

    She is EXTREMELY knowledgeable in her field.
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