George Will's Octogenarian Perspective on the Modern World

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When government "gets out of the way, we're going to see again, the creativity of the American people," says the 80-year-old optimist.

He covers a lot of topics during this 70 minutes interview. It's relatively easy to listen to while you do other tasks that don't require deep concentration.

Some topics covered:
Preventing terrorist attacks
Grievance - Whining is the national anthem
Post-scarcity world
"If the personal is political, then everything is politics, and that's the definition of totalitarianism."
It's preposterous to say the American Revolution was motivated by defending slavery.
The most alarming thing is the power of the Executive Branch being completely untethered from the Constitution.
Role of the Judicial branch
One of the few advantages of being 80 y/o is it puts things in perspective. They’re not as unprecedented as they seem.
The Holocaust
The Big Lie about the 2020 election and how it’s in some ways similar to the lies behind the Holocaust.
Japanese internment
Begging the question / motivated reasoning
Authoritarianism’s main cause is that humans are results-oriented. (not philosophical) Examples are vaccine mandates and the “war on terror”.
People say gov’t can’t get things done, but in recent decades gov’t has increased spending and intrusiveness.
GOP is not a political party anymore b/c office holders are frightened of their voters and don’t respect them.
New Deal, the contrary doesn’t want a similar expansion of gov’t. MMT is folly.
Biden labeling all gov’t spending “infrastructural” is a cynical political ploy.
Legislative bargaining is inherently additive.
Republics tend toward empires that acquire interest groups that are deeply invested in rent-seeking and the status quot.
Reality [of unsustainable spending] catches up with you sooner or later.
Vaccine mandates are unconstitutional.
The US is the best thing that happened in human history.


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