An interview with Co-Founder of Green Peace

Posted by CaptainKirk 2 years ago to Science
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I found this interview enlightening for a number of reasons. First, the fact that it triggers MY OWN Cognitive Bias (he argues my side of all of his arguments). They are HIS, of course.

Tough to put this in Science and not Politics since Politics is destroying Science, but it belongs in Science.

The simple fact that HUMANS by biomass do NOT DOMINATE the planet (trees do!), and that REDUCING CO2 is actually KILLING the Dominate Biomass of the planet, should be ENOUGH argument for anyone on the other side, RIGHT???

The Polar Bear information is worth the listen BY ITSELF.

And Bravo to Dr. Paul Saladino for asking TOUGH Questions outside of his field, and giving TIME/ENERGY to entertain common sense...

He is certainly worth a follow, as he covers health, food freedom, and is NOT pushing a mainstream view in any way... Yes, he runs a for-profit business selling supplements that I have NEVER purchased.

But he WAS a Vegan, and changed his diet to change his health!
That opened his eyes to the corruption, and "influence" peddling that controls the narrative...

There are many ways to get OTHERS to see the chains of Tyranny they willingly don every morning!


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