Pure Excrement (Part Two), by Robert Gore, Straight Line logic

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Executives now in proximity to the top of the heap might want to ponder one other factor, perhaps even worry about it a bit: the rabble. In a depression the common clay won’t be too happy. They might remember who shipped the industrial base to foreign lands. And who cut payrolls and investment in new products and services. And who profited from Washington’s never-ending, fake-money fiat debt, their companies bellying up to the credit trough. And who’s been on the receiving end of the gusher of cash that’s flowed from endless war. And who sucked up to Washington excrement and faithfully peddled the party line. And who were accomplices to Biden’s abominations—the stolen 2020 election, the January 6 persecutions, Covid and climate totalitarianism, promoting the globalists’ great reset, the Afghanistan fiasco, and the invasion at the southern border.

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