Horse Unemployment Has Risen 900%!

Posted by $ allosaur 3 weeks, 5 days ago to Humor
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Analyst Say these Joe Biteme Regime stats are the worst unemployment numbers in American history.
But in response Jen Sockme claims the numbers aren't actually that bad, and that if you do not count "not being able to find a job" as unemployment, the unemployment rate of horses decreases to "almost nothing."
It would behoove all youse readers out there to know that anyone who disagrees with Jen is a racist and a deplorable one at that.
AOC cut in to say rendering our horse population to "almost nothing" is an even better idea because horse farts and as bad as cow farts.
AOC added this is why she opposes el presidente's "Free Oats For Horses To Stay In Their Stalls Program."
Check out the video at the bottom of the link to thrill at the sight of the FBI catching real criminals.

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