Whistleblower Says Pfizer 'Falsified Data': Pfizer Vaccine Trial Had Major Flaws

Posted by freedomforall 1 month ago to Science
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"Brook Jackson, a now-fired regional director at Ventavia Research Group, revealed to The BMJ that vaccine trials at several sites in Texas last year had major problems - including falsified data, broke fundamental rules, and were 'slow' to report adverse reactions.

When she notified superiors of the issues she found, they fired her.

A regional director who was employed at the research organisation Ventavia Research Group has told The BMJ that the company falsified data, unblinded patients, employed inadequately trained vaccinators, and was slow to follow up on adverse events reported in Pfizer’s pivotal phase III trial. Staff who conducted quality control checks were overwhelmed by the volume of problems they were finding. After repeatedly notifying Ventavia of these problems, the regional director, Brook Jackson, emailed a complaint to the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA). Ventavia fired her later the same day. Jackson has provided The BMJ with dozens of internal company documents, photos, audio recordings, and emails. -The BMJ"
SOURCE URL: https://www.zerohedge.com/covid-19/falsified-data-pfizer-vaccine-trial-had-major-flaws-whistleblower-tells-peer-reviewed

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  • Posted by Lucky 1 month ago
    The auditor notified superiors (repeatedly) at her company, then FDA.
    Somewhat naive perhaps, but that is the right sequence. Fortunately she did not stop after being ignored but went to the medical press.

    We, the public, are told how costly it is to do these trails- double blind, gold plated, and all that. This has to be met by the price of the product sales.

    Now we learn that the company doing the audit were hand-in-glove with Pfizer, what happened with the trials was not just dishonesty, it was demonstrated lack of elementary competence.
    They do not care!
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  • Posted by $ blarman 1 month ago
    "But the vaccine is safe! Trust us! It's not like we're trying to kill off or sterilize most of the world's population or anything..." [/s]
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    • Posted by mccannon01 1 month ago
      "It's not like we're trying to kill off or sterilize most of the world's population or anything..." I can't argue with you here, blarman, because sometimes it really looks like that is what's going on - and maybe it is, somewhat. However, I'm having a hard time wrapping my thoughts around such a deliberate diabolical scheme taking place. To me, a better explanation is an enormous historical conjunction of incompetence and greed, which like a runaway train, has now gained a momentum of its own as more and more control freaks get on board. The incompetence began with the likes of Fauci and a lab in China drunk on their own hubris thinking they can fool with mother nature and not get burned. The greed comes in when the likes of Pfizer, et al, with even more hubris are opportunists that can get a huge pipeline of dollars to pour into their coffers for a half baked serum pretending to be a real vaccine without adequate testing to get a handle on "collateral damage". Add to that the corrupted marriage between the above actors and the control freaks in government that can never admit to a colossal screw up so you get a doubling down of bureaucratic frenzy. Meanwhile, the rest of us are getting screwed. I'm glad there's a Gov. Ron DeSantis or two out there.
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      • Posted by $ blarman 1 month ago
        A rational, moral person should have a hard time imagining such a diabolical conspiracy. But that is what was decided at Davos and the World Economic Forum. According to some, their target population for the entire planet is -15% of what we have now. For others that target is only 500 million people - total. If they just happen to make a few bucks off the carnage and destruction, that's a playbook that the Rothschilds have been using for several centuries now. Is it breathtaking in its scope? Absolutely. To think of all the players who have to be in on it including politicians of multiple nations, scientists, media, etc., is to think of a truly global cabal who has nothing on their minds but greed and destruction. But what else are you going to do when you're Bill Gates? Simply sit back in your mansion and maybe go downstairs every now and then to work on your bowling? No. Busybodies like that stick their noses into politics because they think that their money is threatened by everyone else. It's a foolish and fearful mindset.
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  • Posted by $ Stormi 1 month ago
    Yeah, got in the sites before I even decided whether to take the shot or not. When info is locked from pharmacists even, you start to have doubts about safety. Research and help of info form those who got farther inside the site showed they were lying to VARS. They knew people would die, their internal records varried from VARS reports by quite a bit. They only counted immediate reaction to vaccine, no two days later. They knew 1/3 of pregnant women vaxed, miscarried. But the real figure was 4 out of 5. They had hospitals report one girl a hs athlete, became wheelchair bound from anxiety, when she had the vaccine days before, and yet had ever worsening medical problems over the following weeks. Even after organ failure and severe medical issue continued, hospital was paid sever hundred thousand to list each readmitance as anxiety, not vaccine side affect! One mfg. website said people would die in months following vaccine, but then did nto explaine why!
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