Web Scrapers Claim to Possess and Sell Personal Data on 1.5 Billion Facebook Users

Posted by freedomforall 10 months, 2 weeks ago to Technology
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Data scrapers are selling sensitive personal data on 1.5 billion Facebook users.
Data contains users’: name, email, phone number, location, gender, and user ID.
Data appears to be authentic.
Personal data obtained through web scraping.
Data can be utilized for phishing and account takeover attacks.
Sold data claimed to be new from 2021.
Some prospective buyers claim they were scammed by the seller and no data was delivered after payment was made
In late September 2021, a user of a known hacker forum posted an announcement claiming to possess the personal data of more than 1.5 billion Facebook users. The data is currently up for sale on the respective forum platform, with potential buyers having the opportunity to purchase all the data at once or in smaller quantities.

One prospective buyer claims to have been quoted $5,000 for the data of 1 million Facebook user accounts."
SOURCE URL: https://www.privacyaffairs.com/facebook-data-sold-on-hacker-forum/

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  • Posted by $ Dobrien 10 months, 2 weeks ago
    Wait until your currency Is Federal reserve digital currency. Then they can skip all the Private identification shit like SS number and just take the $.
    Fakebook has a market cap north of $900 billion.
    It got its start as Operation Lifelog funded by Us. The idea was can they get a way for people to tell them about who they are and who they are connected to with photos and tracking.
    Created by the C-A . Operation Lifelog was canceled the same day Fakebook incorporated. The story haha haha was FuQerberg figured it all out or stole it from another college buddy haha haha. He must owe some folks a lot of favors.
    Fakebook,’s Zuckerberg used over $300 million for 2020 election theft. They hire lunatic communists to fake factcheck and censor the truth. They block President Trump and allow Isis or Taliban terrorists , give me a fuQing break.
    These monopolistic crony capital anti free speech platforms run by the ENEMY of the people should be tried in a military tribunal. Just like Tokyo Rose was.
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