Therapy for Our Current Madness of Compulsive Destruction Disorder (CDD).

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By Robert Weissberg
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It’s no secret that we live in crazy times. Yet more is involved than just a bunch of crazy people running wild. If this was just individual mental illness, the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorder (DSM) would help. Unfortunately, however, the DSM fails to address today’s political madness. With that deficiency in mind, let me offer an analytical framework that might prove helpful.

Today’s political insanity might be called Compulsive Destruction Disorder (CDD). A main symptom is the irrepressible urge to undermine Western Civilization in general, particularly traditional American society. It is a wide-ranging disorder, disproportionately afflicting those in the academy and exhibited in ideologies such as Marxism and Critical Race Theory. A utopian element—transforming today’s allegedly horrible world into a paradise—is present, but CDD sufferers are not harmless daydreamers. Rather, they are energetic crusaders whose life mission is to undermine what is generally judged a good, though hardly perfect, society. Those suffering from CDD are radical egalitarians unable to live with imperfection, ever happy to upend lives, even harm millions in pursuit of their fantasies.

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