Is 'Davos Man' The Scourge Of The Earth?

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"It became clear to me in January 2017. Xi Jinping was invited to the World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland. His invite was an overt backlash against new President Donald Trump. Xi was rolled out as the hero of globalization, juxtaposed against a democratically elected guy from Queens who would later call himself “Tariff Man”.

Klaus Schwab, Forum founder and Davos Man No. 1 interviewed Henry Kissinger at the time, the man who helped open China to the world. Kissinger said, “What President Xi has done is put forward a concept of international order in the economic field that will have to be the subject of conversation and the substance of the creation of an evolving system.”

Make no mistake about it, his was not a criticism. It was a carefully worded praise.

The only real problem Davos Man has with China’s Communist Party (CCP) is that it doesn’t allow for Pride Month. Everything else, they’re cool with: The CCP’s anti-chaos, centralized control system is a winner. The reason they have failed to successfully sell this to Americans and parts of Europe is because the CCP is the face of centralization.

Davos Man is pushing back, however. They are “wokefying” the CCP model for us – promoting all sorts of “justice” to get people on board.

Greta Thunberg is the climate herald of Davos. She is all over their website.

For those new to the Davos Universe, it all starts with the World Economic Forum, a networking event of corporate executives, presidents, and the philanthropy class that fund most of the ideas we live with today.

Regular attendees have long been referred to as Davos Man.

The influential ones are Eurocrats: one-part aristocrat; one-part bureaucrat.

Both are enamored by power and are enmeshed. These are the “cool kids” in the global high school cafeteria.

Over the last year, they have been behind every idea that has driven us nuts.

Lockdowns and vaccine passports? That’s supported by the Davos crowd. The World Economic Forum’s North American subsidiary is based in New York City and San Francisco. Both cities were first to impose vaccine requirements for business.

Davos promotes a startup called COVID Pass. They want to make biometric IDs, unhackable by blood. That’s right, blood. Xi Jinping called for biometric passes to allow for freedom of movement in the pandemic his country caused. That the Forum supports it says enough."

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