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  • Posted by $ Dobrien 3 weeks, 6 days ago
    I posted this last December.
    Born Apr 9,1964 Douglas Roscoe Jr his mother divorced Father Douglas Roscoe Sr in 1975.
    she remarried in 78 and at around age 17 he changed his name to Ducey.
    The Center for Investigative Reporting and Phoenix New Times collaborated on an article revealing Ducey to be the scion of an infamous Ohio organized-crime family named Scott, whose illegal deeds have involved operating after-hours gambling clubs, bookmaking, numbers-running, extortion, loan-sharking, and other lucrative illicit activities.

    This new information involves both Ducey's "cop" father and Ducey's maternal uncle, William P. "Billy" Scott, a convicted bookie and cocaine user, who pleaded guilty in 2012 to international money laundering, in relation to an off-shore, online gambling empire he established in the 1990s on the twin-island nation of Antigua and Barbuda.

    Ducey's biological father, Doug Roscoe, was in business with the Scott family, after marrying Ducey's mother Madeline Scott in 1963, but before he joined the Toledo Police Department in 1965.

    Toledo's 1964 City Directory lists Roscoe as the proprietor of a restaurant, the Original Hot Dog on Dorr Street. Ducey's mom was the business' "secretary," according to the directory.

    The directory lists Ducey's maternal grandmother, also named Madeline - who was investigated along with her husband William Scott and her son Billy Scott for illegal gambling - as president of the restaurant.

    A William Scott is listed as both vice president and treasurer.

    So before Roscoe applied to be a police officer with the Toledo Police Department, he and his wife were in business with his in-laws, the Scotts, who were involved in organized crime.

    When Roscoe applied to be a TPD police officer in August 1965, his personnel file, obtained by New Times for this story, mentions that he had been the operator of Original Hot Dog on Dorr Street.

    The file, partially redacted, notes the involvement of Roscoe's in-laws in the venture.

    Roscoe was hired by the TPD in 1965 and served for 12 years, resigning from the force April 1977, without offering a reason why.

    Two months before Roscoe left, he had been informed by a superior that according to police union rules, he could not work while on a leave of absence.

    To what degree this information influenced his decision to leave the TPD is unknown.

    During the time Roscoe was a cop, his in-laws the Scotts were getting raided, arrested, and investigated by federal, state, and local authorities on illegal gambling schemes.

    Much of this was reported in Ducey's hometown daily newspaper, the Toledo Blade.

    Cindy McCain is on the record saying “everyone knew what Jeffery Epstein was up to”

    This might be of interest .
    Arizona — under the leadership of the Arizona Human Trafficking Council — continues to be a nationwide leader in combating human trafficking.

    The Governor’s Council was established in 2014 to:

    Develop a comprehensive and coordinated victims’ service plan;
    Evaluate and report to the governor statewide data on human trafficking;
    Promote greater collaboration with law enforcement, state agencies and the community-at-large; and
    Raise public awareness about victims’ services, restitution and prevention.
    In December 2015, Governor Doug Ducey signed an executive order empowering the co-chairs, Cindy McCain and Director Gil Orrantia, and the council to keep up its successful work.

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