Why They Hate Kyle Rittenhouse

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"So what is actually driving the bloodlust?

The answer emerges when you consider it from the opposite view: why did this painfully apolitical kid become a folk hero on the Right? Why did we all stop work last week to feverishly consume the details of a trial that has no direct legal ramifications for anyone but Kyle Rittenhouse?

Answer: Rittenhouse exposed a discontinuity between the constitutional system that most Americans believe in, and the machinery of perpetual revolution that governs them in practice. By precisely obeying the Law, but still running afoul of the State, he revealed the difference between the two — and the system absolutely depends on that difference remaining concealed.

The revolutionary system of social control works through a combination of media manipulation, selective deployment of police, and prosecutorial discretion.

It requires both sides of the conflict to internalize, without being told, two very different understandings about what will be tolerated and what will be punished:

Rioters need to understand that as long as they stick to fists and bottles and chains, and make at least a cursory effort to conceal their identity, the law won’t touch them.

Ordinary citizens need to understand that their obligation, if they witness a protected class of crime, is to mind their business — or, if they must, call the police, who will show up 45 minutes later to take statements. (But be very careful about that, too.)

Obviously you still have the legal right to intervene and defend yourself, just as you still have the right to express Biblical positions on gender and sexuality — but anyone who contemplates this had better be punctiliously correct about it, and everything else in their personal life, or be destroyed — if not by the criminal justice system, then by the civil; if not by the civil, then by the media and Human Resources and the IRS.
So they had to make an example of Rittenhouse. But instead of admitting that he didn’t break the law, and the law doesn’t matter, they decided just to make up some crimes, and try for a conviction on MSNBC."
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