Biden's Afghanistan Debacle May Have Been Intentional

Posted by $ BobCat 9 months ago to Government
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They noted on the Afghanistan pullout, for example, Biden overruled his top military advisers and ignored the near-unanimous view of the Washington foreign policy establishment.
From Politico:
It wasn’t a new position. While Biden championed nation building in Afghanistan in the early years of the war, he had turned against it long ago, as George Packer reported in The Atlantic earlier this year:
“By the time Biden became vice president in 2009, the disastrous war in Iraq, the endemic corruption of the Afghan government, and the return of the Taliban had made him a deep skeptic of the American commitment. He became the Obama administration’s strongest voice for getting out of Afghanistan. In 2010, he told RICHARD HOLBROOKE, Obama’s special representative for Afghanistan and Pakistan, that the U.S. had to leave Afghanistan regardless of the consequences for women or anyone else. According to Holbrooke’s diary, when he asked about American obligations to Afghans like the girl in the Kabul school, Biden replied with a history lesson from the final U.S. withdrawal from Southeast Asia in 1973: ‘Fuck that, we don’t have to worry about that. We did it in Vietnam, Nixon and Kissinger got away with it.’”

“... He just thought he could get away with it, as he says there, because, in his opinion, others had in the past. Now, it makes sense why he ignored Afghan pleas for months, why he left any real actions to the last minute. Because he just couldn’t give a darn and it was always in his calculus to leave them high and dry.”


The title of the article needs to be: “Afghan Debacle Was Intentional By Biden”
SOURCE URL: https://redstate.com/nick-arama/2021/08/17/bidens-afghanistan-debacle-may-have-been-intentional-n428183

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  • Posted by DrZarkov99 9 months ago
    What may throw a serious monkey wrench in his plan (if you can even call it that) is that he didn't give the non-governmental organizations (NGOs) any warning of how unconditionally he was going to yank the rug from under them. There are about 10,000 Americans in the NGO community supporting Afghan women and children, trying to give them medical and educational opportunities.

    The Biden administration has just tweeted to the NGO people that they should try to get to the Kabul airport so they can board one of the planned rescue flights, but has told them the administration isn't going to help them get there, and can't guarantee their safety as they try to escape.

    The administration's fate appears to be in the hands of the Taliban. If they engage in wholesale slaughter, imprisonment, or hostage demands for the NGO members, it doesn't matter who is blamed for leaving them in that position, Trump or Biden, because it will be a Biden responsibility to make the effort to get them out.

    The question has to be whether or not our American media is so corrupt that the lives of thousands of Americans matters less than supporting the tearing down of the American republic. I believe that Newsmax will be outspoken, but will even Fox take up the banner of saving the Americans trapped the Taliban hellhole?
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  • Posted by $ Markus_Katabri 9 months ago
    He’s cutting and running because he knows, or rather his puppet master knows, that China is about to pull a Suez Canal on us. They are concentrating their forces for a fight in South East Asia again. This is a panic play. And it really sucks to be Taiwan. We can’t sustain a war on 2 fronts. The “administration” knows this. Something has scared them so badly that they will make such a reckless move.
    The real question is, what kind of heinous cover story are they going to cook up to convince the SJWs to throw themselves into the gaping maw that is the PLA?
    Remember, when Congress Reconvenes they’ll have 9 working days to raise the debt limit. We all know how that goes. Surprisingly, the administration might actually be trying to be proactive but that doesn’t change the fact that they are incompetent.
    For the last year the tools of war have been Biological agents and Weaponized Financial Derivatives. We’ve recently moved in Cyber Attacks. Joe and Kami are in way over their heads.
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    • Posted by Lucky 9 months ago
      I like that line.
      But, it really is too much thinking for the current regime. I did not say 'Joe' as there is no one there. There may even be no coherent cabal in charge, power plays certainly, alliances, whispering, but no coordination and planning.

      I think dobrian disagrees with me on that. I say, if there is a central conspiratorial group it may be able to do fraud cheating lying and IT scamming very well, but national strategy, from the evidence, is beyond its grasp - unless it is only to create chaos.
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    • Posted by $ blarman 9 months ago
      China just warned Taiwan that the US wouldn't help protect them. Biden's abject failure in Afghanistan lends serious credibility to that argument. Even other EU nations are now questioning US support of NATO.

      There hasn't been a foreign policy debacle this big since Jimmy Carter. This one even makes Obama's failures to support the Arab Spring look minor in comparison.

      It also makes Trump look all that more impressive for his foreign policy wins in Middle East treaties, etc.
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  • Posted by term2 9 months ago
    Consider this- The leftists today are interested only in their own power and the expansion of their ideology. The results of putting those policies in force are of NO INTEREST TO THEM. Its up to the people to deal with the practical issue they create
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  • Posted by freedomforall 9 months ago
    High and Dry? With a trillion $ in armaments.
    The truth is that the US never had any interests in Afghanistan. Its a graveyard for Empires.
    Perhaps if this defeat is bad enough the support for military action will collapse.
    Yes, I know, that is wishful thinking.
    "War is the health of the state."

    And the death of individual liberty. - FFA 2021

    I'd cut the military budget to $100 million annually ... for border guards.
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    • Posted by $ Thoritsu 9 months ago
      Then you would be be learning Chinese pretty soon. $100 million border guards couldn't even stop unarmed invaders.
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      • Posted by freedomforall 9 months ago
        Sure lets keep pouring our resources into the bank accounts of the warmonger thieves that have been ripping off the public for 70 years and sending innocent Americans to die for nothing and arming our supposed 'enemies'.
        Were they enemies before these corrupt traitors waged war without evidence or are they convenient scapegoats?
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        • Posted by $ Thoritsu 9 months ago
          Careful, I didn't say "stay the course".

          I work in military contracts. I know there is waste, and I agree, we should be more judicious.

          However, the source of the problem is the massive government bureaucracy and ability for prime contractors to influence Congress for pork. It is all enabled by big government.
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          • Posted by freedomforall 9 months ago
            I know and agree, Thor.
            What can we control?
            At present, we control nothing.
            I have no confidence in a political solution.
            imo, they are all con games designed to control us.
            Minor incremental change has been proposed and corrupted repeatedly.
            Major surgery is required, imo. Cut off the diseased infected cancerous limbs.
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  • Posted by teri-amborn 9 months ago
    haven't we invented the "infertility bomb" yet ?
    Drop it on the Taliban and ISIS.
    In a generation they will have greatly reduced numbers.
    (Yes...I know we will have to repeat often because of recruitment...)
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  • Posted by Lucky 9 months ago
    No, this debacle was not planned, well certainly not by the Joe Regime.

    CIA. The world's biggest origin and supplier of opium and derivatives would not want to lose a massive income source.

    If it were planned they would have put in some publicity points like having a big evacuation plan up and ready to go. But, what is there? Chaos, taking leave, communication shutdown.

    Trump had a schedule as negotiated, the Taliban noted the lack of resolve from the Joe Regime and applied continuous pressure, they would not have known when the break point was to be. Well it was not just a lack of resolve but a lack of competence across the board. No one person is to blame, except for omission of duty, there is no one there.

    If planned it is the right point for a change at the top. Madam Jill, thank you for your outstanding service, the conditions require yourself on behalf of ... This may happen, not from planning but driven by events, the media and even the public.
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