Corporations Are Not Living People. Why Do They Have More Rights Than People? Do the People Need Corporations At All?

Posted by freedomforall 3 months, 1 week ago to Philosophy
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"When – how – did corporations become arbiters of the health of the people who work for them? It happened, of course, when corporations became the dispensers of health insurance, tied to corporate employment – a misbegotten thing arising from government, after the latter imposed wage and price controls some 80 years ago, during World War II (also brought to you by government). Corporations could not pay employees more money to lure employees, so they paid them in kind – with health coverage, provided by the corporation.

Of course, this benefit came at a cost. The employee’s health was now a matter of corporate “concern,” as opposed to his own business. It became the wedge used to insert the corporation into the employee’s business.

No-smoking edicts; degrading requirements to pee in a cup while someone watches – to assure the corporation you’re not a drug addict.

And now, 80-something years after the fact, corporations assert their regal prerogative to require employees to submit to dangerous medical procedures and produce proof – papers – that they have submitted.

Else be fired – and good luck finding a job anywhere else. Else lose accrued benefits, including perhaps years invested in a corporate pension or supported 401k. The weight of this leverage is enormous, especially since there is little, if any alternative.

The government hardly needs to “mandate” anything when it can get corporations to do the same on its behalf, the both of these entities profiting from the degradation and dehumanization imposed on people rendered economically impotent to resist.

Is there a solution? A way out?


Corporations must be done away with. Their have-it-both-ways status.

These creatures of government, masquerading as private enterprises."

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  • Posted by $ Olduglycarl 3 months, 1 week ago
    No, always thought it was a bad idea. Other people interfering with your business. (board of directors).

    My small chain of Stereo stores were "LTD" (Designer Audio LTD)
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