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Posted by CaptainKirk 3 months, 1 week ago to Politics
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Everyone, let me say that Dr. Shiva is correct, it is NO LONGER about Right vs. Left. It feels that way, but this is SIMPLY Elite Vs. Peasants... And we are CERTAINLY the peasants!

He is offering tools and classes to build the skills to build LOCAL communities. How to connect locally, and then centrally.
The focus being that we need to build a local network of people we can count on in the coming hard times. Like minded people. We have to AVOID using the Big Tech/Gov Sites. We must have specific contacts in our phones. We have to have a way to connect, and then to TARGET AND WIN every local election, all the way up.

We must out organize our enemies. Lets be honest, you and I may not agree 100% on any one issue. But we can AT LEAST get people who are NOT in it to become part of the problem, but to go in, and start fixing the problems. To call out the problems, to be a voice for reason.

I support, wholeheartedly what Dr. Shiva is trying to do. In terms of systems, this is CRITICAL. We must "Make Our Own Beds First" by getting involved locally. We should know EVERY JUDGE, and make sure that REAL judges, not activists are an option.

He said it best... We have not had ELECTIONS, but SELECTIONS... We get to merely SELECT from their list of corrupted people to lead us. What a JOKE. We all FELT IT. Now we know it is true.

So, are we going to just COMPLAIN about it? Or are we going to get involved, roll up our sleeves, and start connecting with others, and BECOMING the solution we need... Much like our forefathers did. They stared down the face of the strongest military on the planet... Simply with the conviction that we shall never kneel.

And on a positive note... Don't worry... Our enemies are poisoning themselves. Technically, we have already won. We just have to prepare to take over as they start dropping like flies. And lets remember the goals:
1) Connect Locally
2) Lead Locally
3) Win Locally
4) To carry that upward and outward
5) To Win Nationally
6) To Identify and DESTROY those that sought to destroy us (The NGOs, Soros, etc)
7) To make ANY such actions NOT ONLY ILLEGAL, but the punishment ULTRA SEVERE
8) To Destroy and Rebuild what our country should be. A powerhouse focused on PEACE, leading by example!

When we are done, I want to see EVERY person who silenced a conservative voice DO HARD TIME for acting on behalf of the government to remove peoples Civil Liberties. I want laws to defend US from the ELITE, that punish the elite so harshly, that they would prefer DEATH to profiting from selling us out.

But baby steps. First we have to connect Locally, and learn to build those connections, be able to call meetings, and make sure we are okay, and starting to win local races. I don't care if it's dog catcher or PTA. They need to be "of us"...
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  • Posted by mhubb 3 months, 1 week ago
    they will cheat
    and no one will stop them
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    • Posted by 3 months, 1 week ago
      Oh, they will cheat. That's a given.
      But if we get LOCAL, eventually it's US who gets to do the COUNTING. It's us who can get MASSIVE turnout in a local election.

      The cheating only happens because 90% of the people working there are OKAY WITH the cheating. When that number gets REMOTELY CLOSE to 50/50, the cheating gets LOCALIZED quickly. And then we make sure our volunteers are AUDITING and WATCHING.

      But NOT being involved locally is what got us here. And being so easily disconnected from one another. They silenced our strongest voices without any repercussions.
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  • Posted by 25n56il4 3 months, 1 week ago
    I don't think I can qualify as a 'peasant'. JUst got through reading over my great grandfather's U. S Confederate Soldiers Compiled Service Records 1861-1865 and my great great grandfather's appointment as a Registered Civil Registered County Official 1819 - 1832 Page 275 from Pike County Alabama. Great Great came to Texas in 1834 and Great was in Texas (Spaights Batallion (Cavalry, Artillery, and Infantry) Civil War. I doubt many 'peasants' served in the Confederacy. Maybe Yankees did! N
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    • Posted by 3 months, 1 week ago
      Forgive the turn of phrase, but you know we have a 2 tier system. The elites, and us.

      The elites can break any law with the threat of slap on the wrist. But everyone else goes directly to jail! And if you know their secrets... You probably suicide yourself (with help, like Epstein)
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  • Posted by $ splumb 3 months, 1 week ago
    I don't think this will work.
    George Soros and his minions concentrated their efforts not on the national level, but the state level.
    There are now more Democrat governors and attorneys general than ever.
    I can well imagine the next phase is from within the states he conquered.
    He's using a top-down approach.
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    • Posted by 3 months, 1 week ago
      Yes, since around the clinton times, they started with a local first policy, and started destroying our laws. What they could not do with votes, they did by pushing and paying for voter rule changes at the state level that CONFLICT with the federal level.

      This creates a "Shadow" the corrupt officials hide between. They can do either/or. And claim they were following the law.

      Then they SHOWED UP at the PTA, etc. And chased away reasonable adults. Creating their typical Cliques.

      And now they own the local, which they rolled up to the nation, and control the judges by controlling them when they were young!

      So, we either play by those rules.. Or you are right. We make the popcorn and watch it burn down around these morons, while killing off our children, and destroying our property/infrastructure, and leaving it for our children to rebuild.. Or their children. As NOBODY seems to want to work anymore...
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