Deliberate release of Covid-19 .

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I posted some of this info over a year ago on the Gulch. Weird that the “experts” can lie about the spoiled bat meat in a wet market as the cause of the outbreak and are still The trusted source for Covid-19 history. Caught lying with no questions of their validity. On the other hand George Webb reported on this World Athletic event In Wuhan China extensively before and as the lockdowns began. He discussed the large Chinese population in the fabric industry in Italy. Hundreds of Chinese/Italian garment workers went to Wuhan to care for the athletes jerseys. Webb speculated that they were infected and were the carriers to the first hard hit area outside of Wuhan. Italy with a very aged population hit hard at the outbreak. Webb then was targeted by the social media and his channels went dead. Also Webb was slandered by all the nightly news shows , the MSM and magazine hit jobs calling him a dangerous conspiracy theorist. Imagine that , two months into the modern day bubonic plague someone who actually researched and gave out a logical possible start to this massive crime against humanity would be pillaged. The best thing the US Government could have done was finance and assist George Webb’s investigative work . But no he has been muzzled and it seems for the long term.
The following article published by the gateway pundit.April 28 , 2021. Over a year later since Webb was heard from seems to turn his theory into fact or at least being looked into again.
100,000 visitors from over 100 countries attended the games. The first section of the collaborative article discusses the history of Communist China ‘s bioweapons growth and activity. Nothing to see hear. Just quit polluting in 15 years and we will give you all the manufacturing in the world.

A possible and logical scenario for a deliberate release of COVID-19 can be found in a February 22, 2021 video entitled “Origin of Covid-19: From Suppose to Truth” by James Quan.

According to that scenario, while subjected to increasing economic and geopolitical pressure from the Trump Administration, Chinese leader Xi Jinping authorized the People’s Liberation Army to expose U.S. soldier-athletes attending the Military World Games to COVID-19 while waiting to depart from the Wuhan airport between October 28 and 31, 2019.
The aim was to debilitate the U.S. military through an infection spreading in its bases, sow chaos among the U.S. civilian population and prevent the reelection of President Donald Trump.

About the time the U.S. soldier-athletes were being exposed to the virus, a diversionary release of COVID-19 inside Wuhan would provide a natural explanation to counter accusations about the use of a biological weapon.

The attack on the U.S. soldier-athletes failed, but the Wuhan release spread, with the number of infections accelerating by the end of November 2019.

Having failed in its initial direct action against U.S. military personnel and facing catastrophic pandemic effects inside China, the leadership in Beijing lied about the danger and allowed COVID-19 to spread globally through commercial travel.
Regardless of the actual release scenario, the Chinese Communist Party must be held accountable for creating the COVID-19 virus.

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