Sharp As A Tack, Our Gifted Free World Leader Evades Covid Computer Virus Mutation!!!

Posted by $ allosaur 1 week, 6 days ago to Humor
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Racist Orange Man Bad voters are making fun of "Dumb Biden" for being the only socialist utopia chairman wearing a mask at the climate summit held over Zoom while he was alone in a room.
Bah! The tactical wizard who is this healing nation's BELOVED GREAT UNITER may have defeated an attempt by Orange Man's bad good friend, Vlad The Impaler Putin, to infect him with a Covid mutation hack.
This cunning measure taken by the superior authority that is our beloved Supreme Leader has been commended by our eminently revered top micro bug expert Dr.Falsie (or however you spell that twin boob enhancement device).
In "Related Articles," the only one of six that relates is "Researchers Discover Cure For Man Bun." Whoa! Me dino hopes I never catch one of those. What real man wants a woo-woo wad of hair on the back of his head?
In "Must Read," you must read about James Lebron saying, "That girl getting stabbed wasn't in danger.," though on the basketball court he will flop on the ground any time another player gets within six feet of him. Humm, me dino thought that distance has been reduced to two feet now. Anyway, don't lookit me dino. I didn't originally write any of that Schiff.
Also In "Must Read" this must be an Orange Man Bad lie that a "Study Finds Anyone Wearing A Mark At This Point Is Probably Just Super Ugly."
My dearest comrades, superior authority does not care even if you are an ugly newborn baby! Wearing a mask~no, wearing three or four masks even if you gag~is mandatory on pain of death!
In "Don't Miss," don't miss reading "Everyone In Congress Getting $100,000 Bonus For Coming Up With Such A Great Covid Relief Bill."
Don't worry, there's plenty of paper and ink enough to add on more trillions for all the trillion dollar projects our so much wiser than us leaders can dream. Shortly after Boss Biden's election, I saw a snippet video in which a masked Comrade Schumer, his arms outspread, joyously cried, "We're gonna change America!" You can be sure as Schiff know that he meant for the better.
Now all y'all thrust a fist into the air, and as me old dino saw it done back during the Sixties, defiantly cry, "Power to the people!"

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  • Posted by 25n56il4 1 week, 6 days ago
    Pelosi and Harris looked so stupid sitting behind Biden with their masks on. Was that so we didn't have to see their silly smirking. The phony clapping almost made me barf.
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    • Posted by $ 1 week, 6 days ago
      You're made of stronger stuff than me dino. I couldn't stomach watching Obiden's speech last night, though I took peeks only to see if he was still on. Instead, I enjoyed watching better-looking monsters on Turner Classics.
      Missed the first part but I've seen all of Them! before, it being one of the best black and white B scary movies made during the Fifties.
      Ever notice how quite a few Democrat politicians kinda look like Star Wars villains?
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