Dr. Fauci's Email Server Secured By Expert Technician Hilgo Clintmann

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Embarrassed by emails made public by a FOIA request, the far-famed beloved by all Dr. Fauci called in a top notch expert technician to assure no more damaging emails will ever be revealed.
Top tech expert Clintmann advised he will rework the good doctor's whole set-up of hard drives and cables due to his dire need to "disappear emails right away."
Dr. Fauci became elated when Clintmann advised that his undisclosed company specializes in finding leakers and eliminating them with a classified "hardware technique" code-named Arkancide.
Cackling, Clintmann said that leakers "will never make that mistake again,"
Upon completing all necessary repairs, Clintmann even installed an emergency hammer being glass with that assemblage reading "Break in case of federal investigation."
SOURCE URL: https://babylonbee.com/news/fauci-hires-expert-technician-hildo-clintmann-to-secure-his-email-server

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