White Libs Amazed By Black Man Who Acqures ID Unassisted

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Wow! Golly darn! Gee Whiz! Zowie! Un-freakin'-believable! Who da thought?!?!
White Libs in Hampton Falls, IA, were shocked and amazed as a local black man named Michael Sparkton walked right into a DOT office and acquired an ID without any assistance from white people what so ever!
Hey, ya know what? He EVEN purchased a bottle of water from a vending machine ALL BY HIMSELF!
This miraculous event will leave white Democrats speechless all throughout the USA.
Bet it will surprise some RINOs also.
In "Related Articles," the only one that very, very vaguely relates is "Democrats Warn That Excess Thankfulness May Lead To Conservatism."
"I cannot overstate how dangerous this is," said the DNC Chair. "Stay a victim."
That DNC Chair is made of plastic by the way.
In "Must Read," you must read how a MLB umpire ejected a catcher for flashing racist hand signals to the pitcher.
For example, the one-finger signal represents that one race shall reign supreme. All fingers mean "Heil Hitler!"
In "Don't Miss," don't miss "Smart Phone That Passed Barrages Of Durability Tests Broken Toddler In 3 Seconds" and "Disillusioned With Democratic Process, More Americans Throwing Support Behind Aragon, King of Gondor."
Yes, all hail King Aragon! Keep woke three-year-olds away from our pricey phones! Make them take their naps!
SOURCE URL: https://babylonbee.com/news/white-liberals-watch-in-stunned-amazement-as-black-man-acquires-id

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