Can a seedling still grow into success in todays society?

Posted by Tsul-Kalu 5 years, 10 months ago to Entertainment
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In todays world if one has a dream or idea can they still achieve it? Time will tell, there are many dreamers, doers, workers, thinkers, however today it seems as if the mountains of obsticals placed in the way are designed to prevent much new success. The catch 22 senario. After spending thousands of hours and years into this 1st project, and researching the various entities for publishing that I find lacking in thier offerings or intentions even morals/ethics. So I am doing a kickstarter campaigne and then independent publishing, the main reason, is why allow a group to take total control over the creation that has been birthed, and other reason, thus I ask only an audience to see if there is a fare value / trade, my creativity for your pledge. You decided. I do see how the little fish has not much hope in swimming with the big fishes and sharks in the ocean of publishing, however I have a dream and will do all I can to make it succeed, however it does take others with such a thing as this, just invite all to explore, and decide for yourselves. thanks for your time.

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