Biden Commission To Examine Dismantling Constitution

Posted by $ allosaur 3 weeks, 6 days ago to Humor
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Long Babylon Bee story short, Obiden said, "Oh, yeah---they told me to sign this fancy expensive thingy, so I am."
Harpy Harris also had a comment~~"HAAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!"
A 32 billion page report is expected.
In "Related Articles" the only one of six that kinda relates is a Sleepy Joe teleprompter gaffe that may be recycled slow news day news.
"I'm Boe Jiden," our stately POTUS candidate began. "And I'm pleased to announce my VP pick is . . .is . . . insert woman of color here."
In "Must Read" you must read "President Boe Jiden (? aw, what the hell!) Appoints Construction Worker Donaldio Trumptinez To Finish Border Wall."
Humph! Me dino don't know what made Beijing Joe cave, but his son Hunter can tell you how anyone with lots n' lots of money can always talk.
"I do good job for America!" Senor Trumpinez declares in the article. "We make America grande!"
In "Don't Miss." don't miss reading about "Hollywood Outed As Conservative After Being A Decent Human Being."
Me dino saw the word "sus" used twice in the article and looked it up. It means "suspected" or "suspicious" and "sus" so on sussin' along.
Oops, there goes dino's Hollywood career.

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