Epstein, Adrenochrome, Monsanto and online buying

Posted by $ AJAshinoff 2 months ago to Culture
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Disturbing, but revealing. Bill Gates is, among others,is absolutely evil.
SOURCE URL: https://www.bitchute.com/video/KffN6qBq2NS2/

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  • Posted by freedomforall 2 months ago
    Lots of innuendo, little to no evidence.
    Most of what they discuss are things that companies do in the course of business.
    Tarring Gates with innuendo makes the few real facts look less valid - even if/when they are valid.
    I don't support Gates and I think he doesn't have the best interests of People in his plans and actions.
    But most of the information presented here is not validly linked to Gates. If I was attacked in this way
    I would be appalled and get the courts to intervene.
    That is what Gates should do if he is innocent and if any of this gets any traction in reality.
    (Or Big Tech can step in and censor it to cover up actual guilt, just as they have regarding
    the 2020 election, Hitlery's email server, and Buy-dem's laptop.)

    The other thing that I found remarkable was the assumption that the federal government is
    investigating this. The fact is that even under Trump's administration, the FBI and other
    such agencies did all they could to bury any evidence of crimes by the elite.
    (Example Buy-dem's laptop sat for a year with no investigation and no one knew until
    the repair owner went public. What has happened since? NOTHING)
    Now, under Buy-dem there will be no investigation into malfeasance unless it involves
    manufactured evidence against Trump.
    The justice department is utterly and completely corrupt.
    Hang them all for treason.

    Then there are the obvious video clips out of context that are complete frauds.
    The intent is obviously to try to make Gates look guilty when his actual message
    was nothing like the clip shown out of context.
    The people who make such misleading videos are reprehensible.
    Gates may be a horrible man, but innuendo and misleading video clips out of context
    do not make a case to prove it.
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    • Posted by $ Abaco 2 months ago
      Yeah. To some degree I say we need to go with our gut on this. I didn't watch it all. But, I saw enough to be concerned. And, I do think that at the highest levels of influence and wealth there are some very deranged people. I was in a meeting yesterday where I got a little sample. I'll just say that the citizens have greatly underestimated the level of control the controllers want over them. I'm quitting, getting out...
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    • Posted by $ 2 months ago
      I agree with you to an extent. However, when the players in such things own the company's filtering the web (and there is no denying it anymore) and punishing those who speak out all you have left is speculation (smoke) until you get proof (fire). No charges are made as a result of this, this was just one person connecting the dots as she/they see it developing. There is some concern that even if quantifiable and irrefutable evidence is found (election 2020) if anyone in position to do something about it would actually do some thing about it. Some who did have ended up dead.

      I do not believe that the fedgov is interested in anything more than ensuring that the truth never comes to light.There are too many pawns disbursed throughout all levels and agencies in government, each being leveraged or a firm believer, that the first domino would crush what there is of the US governing structure.
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      • Posted by freedomforall 2 months ago
        I know we agree on the corruption, the power that is controlled with it, and the likelihood the fedgov will police itself. It won't. The FBI has proven it repeatedly and the People have done nothing about it.
        Either the People revolt (with military assistance) or no one will be convicted (with evidence from other conspirators) nor punished.
        We have heard the tales or secret courts and evidence for years. If they don't have evidence by now to convince the patriots of the military that the country is being run by traitors who must be punished, then they never will.
        A conspiracy to reveal the truth must be implemented in secret and acted upon as quickly as practical.
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