Democrats Wearing Binkies To Wean Themselves Off Masks

Posted by $ allosaur 1 month ago to Humor
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Binkies? Me an age 74 dino has been calling those suckers "pacifiers" up till now. Even my spell checker is red lining "binkies." Oops, there it went again!
Anyway, Dr. Fauci (who deserves his red line) has endorsed the use of binkies for vaccinated Democrats (psst, he hopes everyone else will drop dead), but he's still suggesting a mask be worn over sucked-on binkies at all times.
An exclusive major player confidential source for a fat cat Democrat agreed with that creepily smiling doctor before he grabbed his security blanket and his teddy bear and went to take a nap. Bye-bye! Sleep tight! Don't let no covids bite!
In "Related Articles" 3 outta 6 of 'em in some way relates to the headliner.
One is "Latest Computer Model Predicts Between 0 and 12.6 Billion New Covid Deaths By Summer." Oh, the horror! Any deaths past zero are too many deaths, but the science MUST be followed. Always followed! ALWAYS!
Another related article be "Time To Panic? More Chinese Restaurants Handing Out Fortune Cookies That Just Say 'Death By Coronavirus.'" Wow, maybe we'll have up to 12.6 billion deaths after all for always following the science.
The third article that relates is "Effectiveness Of Masks Questioned With New Study Showing High Death Rate For Stormtrooper." Hey, yeah, y'all, those completely armored Star Wars bad dudes DO get killed lots quicker than Star Trek "Red Shirts." That's even though me old dino used to laugh way back during the Sixties every time Captain Kirk called for security to be sent (so to be killed off instead of himself).
In "Must Read" you must read the only 1 of 3 other articles I never posted. That's "Don't Be A Sexist: Here Are 9 Huge Advantages Of Lady Preachers." One of those advantages state that lady preachers are biologically capable of creating more church members. Wow golly! Gee, I never woulda thought!
In "Don't Miss," don't miss reading articles like "Bernie Sanders Asks Nation To {lease Stop Mailing Him Books On Economics." Hey, y'all, you still have O'Biden, The Squad, all the Democrats in Congress and, shucks, the entire Democrat Party to send oodles of books about economics to.

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