"A Little Nonsense Now and Then is Relished by the Wisest Men"

Posted by $ AJAshinoff 2 weeks, 6 days ago to Humor
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The title's quote isn't Wonka, but Roald Dahl. Either way, I found the prank pretty funny. With the way things are today any opportunity to grin is worthwhile. Enjoy!
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  • Posted by $ BobCat 2 weeks, 6 days ago
    Reminds me when I about seven, a group of us kids coaxed a friend to use the fake vomit thingy on his mother. I will never forget her rage, the names she called him, and the beating he received. The rest of us were sternly sent home. So to this day I don’t really care for those type of hoaxes. We all thought it would be funny, but soon learned that not everyone shared our sense of humor.
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    • Posted by $ gharkness 2 weeks, 6 days ago
      I experienced something like that once (I was 14) with my childless aunt and uncle. They drove from out of town to visit us in their shiny new car. Since driving was on my mind, (at the time driving was legal in Texas at 14 and I was about to take driving lessons) I lightheartedly said something to the effect of "Hey, watch your keys, guys...I might be tempted to run off with your car!" Well, there was no "lightheartedness" for them. They thought I was seriously planning to steal their car. I will never forget the lecture and subsequent lack of trust for their entire visit.

      You are oh-so-right that not everyone shares the same sense of humor.
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