New Delhi records highest ever single-day tally of 357 “coronavirus” deaths that are most likely caused by dangerous vaccines

Posted by $ BobCat 1 week, 6 days ago to Science
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“... India’s capital New Delhi on Saturday, April 24, recorded its highest single-day tally of supposed coronavirus (COVID-19) deaths after 357 people died within 24 hours. The city of around 30 million also recorded over 24,000 new cases in the same span of time. These deaths are taking place after covid vaccinations have surged across the country....”


So here is a country with an exploding population rate and experiencing high ‘ Wuhan flu death rates”. It does make one wonder if the vax is doing the job it was designed to do - population control?

Just wait till 5 G rolls out fully in India and see what the death rate does then ... any guesses??

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