AMAZON’S IMPENDING TAKEOVER: The One-Stop Shop for Smart Cities with Digital Currency Control

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From Corry's Digs.
Amazon’s “Takeover” Consists of 3 Stages, In A Nutshell:
Stage One: Obliterate the competition by taking over the organic food market, media, crushing all bookstores to control content, provide nearly every consumer product and get others to sell through your shop, and beefing up production with expedited shipping to make it so desirable, no one can compete, and everyone comes to rely on Amazon.

Stage Two: Capitalize on an event that demolishes small businesses, demolishes remaining competition, crushes the farming industry, increase service by billions while people are stuck in their homes, and consolidate power forces to takeover other markets. Produce drones for delivery and autonomous cars for getting around smart cities. Create blockchain and step up air freight to soar past the delivery competition. Make all of it sound like you are saving humanity during hard times.

Stage Three: Continue to expand products and services, add a healthcare division, grocery delivery, implement digital currency, expand the AI division, then step down as CEO to focus on the final stages of the agenda.
What Are Some Ways You Can Navigate Around or Through This Impending Takeover?
Some of this may feel like fun and games, new exciting technology, oooo virtual reality, modern conveniences, tech that does everything for you so you can save time and be lazy, and so handy to have a drone deliver your goods in 30 minutes – until you wake up one day and realize you are so plugged in, you are no longer making decisions, have any choices, your privacy is gone, your travel doesn’t consist of leaving town, you are spied on in your own home, you begin to feel like a robot taking orders, have lost your true identity, and are no longer living a life, but rather an illusion – a very dystopian one at that. The programming, conditioning, and addictions they have carefully constructed within humanity is staggering.

They are slowly stripping away your spirit, your soul, and your livelihood to hook you into the largest operating system in the world to integrate you into an AI system to the point of no return, and everyone has allowed this to happen. It’s called self-enslavement, and it’s time to cut the cord.

• First and foremost, minimize your exposure to technology, remove “smart” devices, and be ultra observant of your surroundings and environment. I recently wrote a checklist on how to protect yourself by minimizing exposure to technology and mind control for Catherine Austin Fitts’ Quarterly Wrap-Up. If you are a subscriber of hers, be sure to check it out. If not, I will be republishing it on Corey’s Digs in late May, along with a video discussion between Catherine and myself. If you would like access to my checklist article prior to then, consider becoming a Patron and supporting my work, where you can access it today.

• Remove your technology footprint to the best of your ability. Use a VPN when surfing the internet and shopping, use encrypted email such as Protonmail, limit the amount of sites you are providing your phone number and full contact information to.

• Stop shopping at Amazon, Whole Foods, or their Fresh Markets. Shop at your smaller local grocery and retail stores, and support your local farmers – they are our future. If you are in the hospitality industry and use smaller scale foodservice distributors, have a conversation with them about the direction things are headed and support them. Or, if you use a bigger distributor ask them about any recent changes or what they foresee coming down the pike.

• Pull your money out of big centralized banks and put it into a small, local bank. This is the single biggest thing that would have an enormous impact if millions of people did this.

• If you are considering investing in any of these nefarious industries to make a quick buck, consider that you are feeding the beast that is creating our future enslavement. Is it worth it?

• Where you live and the community of people who reside there is going to dictate a lot about your future, how quickly these advances on your city may emerge, and the ability to put a halt to it. This is an extensive project I’ve been working on and will be rolling out in the weeks to come. It will likely be an ongoing project and will have invaluable information.

• Unfortunately, digital currency is here and eventually they will do away with the dollar. Groups of intelligent people need to have a meeting of the minds and quickly begin working on other forms of a monetary system that operates outside of the system they control. Any form of digital currency technically is operating under their system and framework. Trade and barter will be important, but a monetary system will be needed as well.

• Build up your skills in gardening, farming, and trades. Trade schools will be far more important than a college education.

• Follow legislation regarding autonomous vehicles and transportation, digital currency, farming and agriculture, vaccine tracking and/or mandates, and housing, to stay on top of it and contact your reps either opposing or supporting the legislation, pending what it entails. Do not negate this as a futile effort, as there have been a lot of negative legislation stopped by these efforts, as well as some put in place.

• Share this information far and wide so all Amazon shoppers understand the magnitude of the situation and the future we are creating for ourselves.

• Keep your chin up. Do not feel defeated. We ultimately did this to ourselves and we have the ability to undo it. Stop feeding the beast and buying into their “conveniences.”

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  • Posted by $ BobCat 1 year, 2 months ago
    It’s coming , one big global corporation which in itself becomes one global government. Stop feeding the beast!
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    • Posted by $ 1 year, 2 months ago
      I have never bought anything from Amazon . I don’t have a cell phone (wife does) . Right now I try to buy physical silver and stay stocked with food.
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      • Posted by $ BobCat 1 year, 2 months ago
        Wow, I am impressed. I just bought a few things from the A, but nothing for the last 5 years. I avoid them like the plague. I would prefer to pay a few dollars at the corner store than to order from some Big Conglomerate online.

        Thanks for the reminder, need to up the Ag, I should have done that a few years ago.
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