The Abraham Accords – The Trump Accomplishment Joe Biden Cannot Reverse With the Stroke of a Pen

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“The Abraham Accords are an irreversible process,” said prominent Emirati commentator Abdulkhaleq Abdulla. “It was very clear that it was in keeping with the UAE’s national priorities and strategic interests so there is no going back.”

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  • Posted by $ 1 year, 12 months ago
    Biden Restarts Aid to Palestinians, Adds an Extra $38.5 Million in Midst of Hamas Onslaught

    Biden is again, breaking the law...

    The Taylor Force Act puts strict limitations on the White House’s direct support of the Palestinian Authority, other than in certain narrowly defined cases. In principle, funds can only be transferred once the PA (1) takes steps to end acts of violence, (2) completely terminates the “pay-for-slay” practice, and (3) investigates and publicly condemns violent attacks.

    Yet with regards to Washington’s new funding program, none of these conditions have been met.
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  • Posted by $ 1 year, 12 months ago
    The Economic approach is a much better option for peace, cooperation and prosperity.

    Joe Biden and his administration had a choice, and as is typical of every other foreign policy position the president has taken in the last 50 years, they chose wrong. The United States could have remained energy independent and encouraged Saudi Arabia to move closer to joining the Accords. Instead, they ceded that leverage. Biden could have resisted the anti-Trump flex and realized the Iranian regime was on an unstable footing. Increased freedom and prosperity could be on the horizon for the Iranian people. Instead, he and his de facto Secretary of State, John Kerry, went right back to appeasing the mullahs.
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