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  • Posted by freedomforall 2 months, 2 weeks ago
    Rhodes Rogues Gallery of leftists
    Bill Clinton 1968
    Robert B. Reich 1968
    Ira Magaziner 1969
    James Woolsey 1963 (CIA Director, Neocon scumbag)
    Bruce Reed 1982 (Chief of Staff for Buy-dem)
    George Stephanopoulos 1984 (Clinton's campaign director)
    David E. Kendall 1966 (Clinton's lawyer)
    William A. Fletcher (9th Circuit judge)
    Strobe Talbott 1968 (Dep.Sec State under Clinton)
    James Fallows 1969 (Carter's speechwriter)
    Franklin Raines 1971 (OMB under Clinton)
    Tom Birmingham 1972 (Dem. candidate for Gov. of MA)
    E. J. Dionne 1973 (leftist writer WaPo, NPR, MSNBC, PBS)
    Richard N. Haass 1973 (President of CFR)
    Tom McMillen 1974 (Dem. congress-critter)
    Russ Feingold 1975 (Dem. Senator WI)
    Their 'selection' proves thorough leftist corruption of Rhodes scholarships for decades for me.

    If you need any more evidence:
    60% of 2020 Rhodes Scholarships Awarded to Leftist Activists

    Rhodes Scholarship Becomes Laughingstock After Embracing the Left’s “Woke Culture”

    "The Scholar noted that under the old system even if a committee wanted to choose an under-qualified candidate for the sake of “diversity,” they tended to only make one such pick among the four winners. Under the new system, with 16 regional committees, there is still a tendency to make at least one “diverse” pick, but now such winners comprise half of all selections rather than just one fourth.

    The new selection process encourages left-wing activism over real achievement in another way, the Scholar said.

    “The old system involved up to 500 people, mostly older Rhodes Scholars, interviewing across the two levels,” she said. “Now the system involves perhaps 100 or 120 people, so it’s much easier to stack the entire process completely with liberals. And that’s definitely what the US Secretary who runs it wants to do.”

    And thus the process has resulted in the absurdity seen today, where an army of affirmative action choices and grievance politics specialists are presented as the best and brightest America has to offer."
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