Suspects photos of recent attacks against Asians

Posted by $ Dobrien 2 weeks, 2 days ago to Culture
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They don’t appear to be white Supremacists.

2019 figures used here.
6% commit 52% of murders .0002% of black men are murderers 6% commit 30% of rapes. .00028 % of blacks are rapists .The 6% is the percentage of black males in the US.
The Crime Figures from the FBI.
White males make up 31% of the population and were responsible for 45% of the murders. 4900 murders by .00005% of white males
31% of white males committed 62% of the rapes.. 108 million white males and a total of 12500 rapes or .00011% are rapists.

In many respects, the murder of Alante Hands last year on a Chicago street was sadly unremarkable. He was young, just 27, and black, like four in every five homicide victims in the city. Like nine in ten murders in Chicago, his life was taken by a gun—bullets pierced his arm, chest and leg. He had a lengthy criminal record, beginning a decade ago when he was arrested while still a minor for shooting at a police officer. He died in the violent West Side of the city on West Rice Street, where six others have been murdered in the past two decades. But for the fact that his murder occurred on December 31st 2020, the 787th and final one of an especially bloody year for the city, it might have been forgotten.

The plague year proved brutal for Chicago, already a violent city even by American standards. Murders increased by 56% from 2019—nearly three times as many victims as in all of Italy. As crime data from 2020 are compiled, one thing has become clear: American cities saw the biggest rise in homicides in decades, currently estimated at 30% in a single year. That would be the highest annual increase in more than 50 years. In New York City, murders were up by 45%. In the Bay Area around San Francisco, they rose by 36%. In Washington, dc, they climbed by 19%.

The perpetrators in this series of anti-Asian hate crimes in New York City were all minority suspects.
Sadly you did not see this important news in the mainstream media.
It did not fit their narrative.

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  • Posted by mccannon01 2 weeks, 2 days ago
    If I recall, not long ago there were attacks on elderly white people and when videos started showing the perps were the same type as attacking the Asians it was no longer news.
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  • Posted by TheRealBill 2 weeks, 1 day ago
    "As crime data from 2020 are compiled, one thing has become clear: American cities saw the biggest rise in homicides in decades"

    Well, certain large cities. The smaller cities saw from minimal change to a decrease. The regional data is also interesting.

    When the majority of murders in the country occur in only 2-4 counties you can't really justify national rates being used - the "outliers" are just too heavily weighted. I the majority of counties there are no murders per year, and in about 3/4 there is 0-1. An increase of one is a high percentage for that county, but insignificant at the larger scale.

    But when you start pointing out how literally most of the murders/unjustified homicides come from the same few (coughdemocratcontrolledfordecadescough) counties year after year it wrecks the entire narrative so they refuse to acknowledge it.
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  • Posted by $ Abaco 2 weeks, 2 days ago
    "Restorative Justice" is why they'll bend over backwards to drop all charges. I think that's the slogan of 2021...restorative justice. With this the emphasis is on "repairing the harm" of the crime. But, it's being used as a classic rope-a-dope and it's really just to allow these crimes to occur and drop all charges. "...let's just focus on repairing the harm..." In my day we'd "repair the harm" with a couple buddies and a flurry of fists...
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